Five people died, another six wounded in car accident in Kharkiv - details, video
The roadster hit the crowd of people. Five of them died at the place, another six were wounded and hospitalized.
Lutsenko submits request to arrest Dobkin
Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has submitted a request to the Verkhovna Rada on providing consent to prosecute, detain and arrest an MP of the Opposition Bloc Mykhailo Dobkin.
NSDC will consider draft law on reintegration of Donbas in near time
The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov claimed that NSDC will consider the draft law on reintegration of Donbas at the session to pass it to the Verkhovna Rada. He claimed this in Kharkiv as Interfax-Ukraine reported. Also, the draft law will not be discussed during sessions of Minsk Talks Group, according to First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and Ukraine’s representative in the humanitarian subdivision of the group Iryna Gerashchenko.
President: Visa-free regime with the EU is a giant step towards Europe, towards assertion of human freedom and independence of our state
Visa-free regime with the EU provides Ukrainians with much more opportunities than just a simplified travel. It is an assertion of human freedom and independence of our state. It was stated by the President during his press conference.
Two military officers died during training in Kharkiv region
Two soldiers died during military training on Chuhuiv testing ground in Kharkiv region. This was reported by "Vostok" operational command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.
505 population centers in five Ukrainian regions remain without electricity due to bad weather, — Emergency Service
505 residential areas in five regions of Ukraine remain without electricity as of 7 p.m. due to adverse weather conditions. This was reported by the press service of State Emergency Service.
Winter in spring: Dnipro, Zaporizhya and Kharkiv under April snow
The morning began with disturbing news from Dnipro city. There, because of the unexpected April snow, the transport collapse began. During the rush hour, the city literally stopped, and the entry and exit from the Dnipro in Zaporizhya direction were also blocked.
Ukraine’s Army receives Т-64 tank, - video
Kharkiv armor plant tested Т-64 and Т-80 tanks after repair and modification. This was reported by the press service of Ukroboronprom.
Policeman hurt in brawl with protesters near Sberbank in Kharkiv
Officer of Internal Ministry of Ukraine was injured during a brawl with the protesters near Russian Sberbank in Kharkiv. This was reported by Elena Barannyk, the head of communication department of the National Police in Kharkov region, reports local ATN.
SBU General: Putin planned to seize Ukraine in three phases in 2014
The testimonies of Russian special services agents, arrested in the spring of 2014, indicate that Russia planned to gradually establish control over all regions of Ukraine, as indicated by the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) departments in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, General Oleksandr Petrulevych, on the air of 112 Ukraine.
All Polish consulates in Ukraine closed to visitors Wednesday following Lutsk incident
In the wake of the overnight provocation involving a Lutsk-based Polish Consulate General being shot at with a grenade launcher, all Polish consulates in five Ukrainian cities suspended their operations on Wednesday.
Kyiv court orders to reconsider Yuzgaz's right to produce shale gas in Ukraine's east
Kyiv's district administrative court has rescinded the Ukrainian government's decision to deny Dutch-registered Yuzgaz B.V. company's right to acquire an investor's 90% share under a production sharing agreement (PSA) on geological prospecting and development of the Yuzivska shale gas field in the country's eastern Donetsk and Kharkiv regions.
Dead woman found in destroyed house in Balakliya
A dead woman was found in one of the houses near Balakliya depot. Mykola Chechetkin, the Head of the State Emergency Service, announced that during his report in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, broadcasted by 112 Ukraine TV.
Blasts and fire in Balakliya: state of things as for now - updated
The fire on the military arsenal in the city of Balakliya started at about 3 a.m. early on Thursday. The ammunition began detonating very quickly. The rescue workers sat that the blasts are happening on the technical territory of the arsenal, but the one off sprays are happening as well.
President instructed Heads of regional and Kyiv CSA to help those affected by the fire in the ammunition storage facilities in Kharkiv
President Petro Poroshenko instructed Heads of regional and Kyiv CSA to take urgent measures to help the residents of Balakliia district, Kharkiv region affected by the fire in the missile and artillery weaponry storage facilities.
Ex-Duma deputy Voronenkov's murder is act of state terrorism by Russia
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Thursday held a meeting with law enforcers in connection with the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov in the center of Kyiv, presidential press secretary Sviatoslav Tseholko has said.
Blast of ammunition storage facility in Kharkiv region
A blast on ammunition storage facility in Kharkiv region this night, on March 23. The incident occurred near the city of Balakliya. A part of the city residents is evacuated. Residents of the nearby villages which fall into possible detonation zone are also being evacuated. The press service of the State Emergency Service.
Police patrols to prevent marauding after blasts in Balakliya
Kharkiv regional police started working clock round after explosion in Balakliya. This was reported by the speaker of the National Police of Kharkiv region Elena Barannikova on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.
President addressed gifted pupil: The main goal should be not the post of President, but the desire to bring benefit to Ukraine
President Petro Poroshenko met with professors, young scientists and gifted youth of Slobozhanshchyna in Yaroslav the Wise National Law University of Kharkiv.
President opening library in Kharkiv University: Slobozhanshchyna is a powerful center of Ukrainian science and a cradle of Ukrainian patriots
In the course of the working trip to Kharkiv region, President Petro Poroshenko visited Yaroslav the Wise National Law University of Kharkiv to present a symbolic key from the educational library complex of the institution.
Security forces carry out searches in the premises belonging to mayor Hennadiy Kernes in Kharkiv
Ukrainian media reports say police are searching the residence of the mayor of the northeastern city of Kharkiv.
IS militant has been detained in Kharkiv by the SBU and the border guards
A 39-year-old citizen of a Central Asian country, who is wanted by Interpol for his involvement with international terrorist organization 'Islamic State' (IS), has been detained in Kharkiv by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine and the border guards.
Ukrainian man gets mechanical heart for 120,000 euros
Ukrainian doctors have performed a unique heart surgery. They sewed an artificial heart into the body of a 41-year-old resident of Kharkiv.
Six Ukrainian cities apply for Eurovision-2017
Six Ukrainian cities have provided formal applications for the right to host the most popular song contest, the Minister of Culture Yevhen Nyshchuk says.
ISIS agents, which were today detained in Kharkiv airport, underwent military training in ISIS camps and fought in Syria
Photographic and video evidence of this was found in their mobile phones.
Unique tiny crocodiles born in Kharkiv zoo
The babies still are tiny and weigh only 150 grams. The zoo is extremely happy for the birth of the little crocodiles, because these animals rarely breed in captivity.
Ukrainian Anna Ushenina became European Chess champion
​Ukrainian chess player competed for the first place with Spanish Sabrina Vega and defeated her on additional indicators.
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