Gerashchenko reveals Russia`s strategy on Donbas and explains role of Debaltsevo
Russia so far is not going to withdraw from the occupied Donbas, Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s humanitarian envoy to the Trilateral Contact Group, Iryna Gerashchenko said, Unian reported.
Ukraine considers China as an ally in solving Donbas conflict
Xi Jinping declared that China supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.
Avakov at the State Border Guard Service meeting: be fully ready to take control over Donbas` border this year
In 2017, the task is to reach an internationally recognized state border of Ukraine in Donbas, and later in Crimea, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Tuesday during the meeting at the State Border Guard Service HQ, according to Unian.
Ukraine insists again on Debaltseve return in accordance with Minsk Agreements
The Ukrainian side issued a reminder at the Trilateral Contact Group meeting of the need for implementing the entire Package of Measures of the Minsk Agreements, calls settlement of the range of security issues a priority, reported Interfax-Ukraine.
Poroshenko wants Russia to pay its price
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to submit a dispute to the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague regarding Russia’s violation of the UN Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
Corrective instructions: SBU warned Savchenko of adverse consequences over publication of prisoners` names
The intention of Ukrainian MP Nadiia Savchenko to publish the lists of prisoners of war (POWs) will harm the hostages and their families, adviser to the chief of the SBU Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandyt said on one of the Ukrainian TV channels, reported Unian.
The first President of Ukraine Kravchuk proposed a new recipe of finishig war in Donbas without politicians
The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk told how to stop the war between Ukraine and Russia, noting that today no one has a "recipe" how to do this, but it is necessary to look for it, according to Echo of Moscow, reported Unian.
Savchenko: people in Ukraine, who could finish the war in Donbas within two months, are not in power
Ukrainian MP Nadiia Savchenko, freed from illegal detention in the Russian Federation, believes that the war in Donbas could be completed within two months.
Tuka named potential terms for elections in Donbas to be conducted
It may be possible to hold elections in Donbas two or three years after the liberation of the occupied territories, Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons Heorhiy Tuka said has said in an interview aired by Espreso.TV, according to Interfax-Ukraine.
'The magic forest': Video of frontline battle from Svitlodarsk rim, where Ukrainian soldiers keep their positions
9 Ukrainian soldiers died since December 18 in Svitlodarsk.
SBU apprehends member of terrorist sabotage group in Luhansk region, suspected of torture
The SBU together with the Police apprehended a member of sabotage group of DNR/LNR terrorist organization in Luhansk region near the confrontation line.
Ukrainian General admits the use of Russian combat aircraft in Donbas war if the conflict extends
Ukrainian General said that possibility of airstrikes of Russian combat aircraft in the war in Donbas against Ukraine cannot be ruled out: jets can engage if the conflict "extends," according to a Ukrainian Lieutenant-General (Retd) Dmytro Umanets, reports Unian.
”DPR” leader Zakharchenko initiates talks about transfer of the whole Donetsk region to separatists
This is possible after Minsk agreements are fulfilled, according to Zakharchenko
Grad missile systems deployed again near the frontline at the Svitlodarsk rim and ready to be engaged in combat
The enemy missile systems are deployed and ready to be engaged in combat
War in Ukraine started again: Ukrainian troops face heavy clashes near Debaltsevo - video of artillery and mortars battle
Militants attacked Ukrainian positions but were repulsed and lost strategic height, Russian artillery fired thousands of mines from residential area
Poroshenko told about his reaction on Savchenko's talks with Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky
The talks held by Batkivschyna Party deputy Nadia Savchenko with the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk Republics (DPR and LPR), Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, will benefit neither her, nor Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.
The first president of Ukraine Kravchuk about full-scale war against Russia: that would be Russia’s last day
The first leader of the Ukrainian state commented on Savchenko’s negotiations with Russian militants, the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine and further U.S.-Ukraine relations, 112 TV channel reports.
Nickname “uncle Vanya”: Security Service of Ukraine detains officer-defector, who joined terrorists during captivity and went to Russia for getting instructions
SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) detained former chief intelligence officer of one of the army corps, who after captivity defected to terrorists. The deputy head of the SBU Chief Investigative Directorate Vitalii Mayakov and the SBU Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk informed about this during the briefing.
Russia urges to announce the amnesty for Donbas militants by Christmas to stop conflict
Russia supports the all-out prisoner exchange, the Russian representative for Minsk process says, according to Uatoday.
Poroshenko unexpectedly appeared on the frontline 1 km away from Horlivka
Petro Poroshenko inspected the stronghold on the frontline near Horlivvka. Ukrainian president had a conversation with the military, congratulated them on the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and presented state awards.
Tuka claims Donbas militants are ready to start riot inside occupied territory
Tuka states that 30% of Donbas militants are Ukrainians and they are not pleased with current situation. The lesser number of locals in Donbas are ready to fight vs Ukraine – the more armed Russians come to the region.
Belarusian Donbas militant: told about Plotnitsky`s criminal orders to shell Luhansk city from mortars to sow panic
Mercenary on how he ended up in eastern Ukraine, role of Russian army in Donbas and his free movement to Belarus and back despite Lukashenko's threats to prosecute militants.
Ukrainian army created a "kettle" for militants in Dokuchaievsk city and ready to liberate within two hours
The majority of Dokuchaievsk residents confess the life in united Ukraine was way better.
Debaltseve back: In Trilateral group Ukraine demands returning to the agreed-upon demarcation line for disengagement process
Withdrawal of forces in Donbas is possible if Russian proxies return to agreed demarcation line
Montenegro names Russian citizens attempted to organize the assassination of Prime Minister - all participants took part in the war in Donbas for separatists
Prosecutors in Montenegro have released the names of two Russian citizens who they say attempted to organize the assassination of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic in October.
Alexandr Lukashenko: Minsk ready to organize local election in Donbas and to bring order in the 400-km long border
‘We’re ready to play any role to bring peace there,’ Belarusian president noted.
Unexpected confession: ‘Luhansk People's Republic's' official envoy in Minsk Vladislav Deinego openly admits Russia invaded Donbas
Kremlin-backed militant's ‘official' is sure Russia will save the ‘Luhansk republic' once more if Ukraine will try to restore its sovereignty
Video of satellite images revealed Russian military supplies arriving on freight trains from Russia into Donbas
Volunteer video shows Russian supplies arriving on freight trains
100 rockets were launched from Grad systems near Mariupol and situation in Donbas in winter will be even worse - OSCE
Grads also fired in Luhansk region this week
Secretary of the NSDC Turchynov: Putin's statements about wanting a peaceful settlement is a cynicism as there are constant attempts to break through Ukraine’s defense line
Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov held a meeting with the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Security of the European Parliament Anna Fotyga and MEPs. This was reported in the press service of the National Security Council.
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