Kasparov: Putin had managed to impose "one-man rule" backed by a "fascist ideology"
Kremlin foe Garry Kasparov says President Vladimir Putin is resorting to "external aggression" and increased confrontation with the West to bolster his image as Russia's leader and maintain a "dictatorship" in the country.
Robert Reich: 'Hillary Clinton was steady and articulate tonight. Donald Trump was just the opposite'
Tonight we received insight into what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like for Americans, Ted Cruz said
'Russia has become a noisy troll on the global stage thanks to Putin's aggression,' - Kasparov
Putin doesn't love Russia and he doesn't fight for Russian interests at all, Kasparov said.
Kasparov: 'Vladimir Putin is a strong leader in the same way that arsenic is a strong drink'
Garry Kasparov comments on Trump's statement that Putin is better leader than U.S. President Barack Obama
Garry Kasparov: 'Donald Trump joking about someone shooting Hillary Clinton is sick and dangerous'
Such 'jokes' trivialize violence and create a toxic, lethal atmosphere
Garry Kasparov: 'Putin isn't a military dictator, he's a KGB guy'
Even if things calmed down in Ukraine, Putin need to provoke conflict to boost his domestic propaganda
Garry Kasparov: 'I've seen too much of Putin in 16 years and too much of Trump in one'
The demagogic candidate must paint a bleak picture of the status quo, citing every catastrophe and failure before presenting the even darker future ahead if he isn’t granted the power to act, and act now
Garry Kasparov: 'Why is everyone talking about plagiarism by Trump's wife when the candidate himself has been plagiarizing Mein Kampf for a year?'
After my little plagiarism joke, I see an opportunity in the comments to refute one of the most tiresome discussions I have encountered in my years of calling attention to dictatorships.
Garry Kasparov: 'Remember today the 298 murder victims on flight MH17, shot out of the sky on July 17, 2014, by Russian forces invading Ukraine'
Bellingcat claims Russia faked MH17 evidence to accuse Ukraine - according to Ukraine today
Garry Kasparov: 'It's important to remember why energy is a big part of Putin's aggression and of Europe's defense against it'
There is so much mixing and so many middlemen. Even boycotting the oil and gas production of a rogue nation, as was done with Iraq and Iran, is difficult.
Garry Kasparov: 'Putin signed a new set of totalitarian laws, formalizing another step toward the neo-Soviet Union he has always dreamed of'
he law in Russia usually only follows an even more brutal reality in Putin's Russia, and discussing laws instead of reality is a useful distraction for the regime
'Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past' - George Orwell
A a 37-year-old man from the Siberian city of Perm, was prosecuted, convicted, and fined 200,000 rubles for reposting an article on social media.
Garry Kasparov: ' Brexit won't help Putin's regime domestically, but the point isn't foreign policy or what Russians think about it'
the point isn't foreign policy or what Russians think about it. It's about the invincible leader going from victory to victory, making Russia important on the world stage and defeating mighty enemies.
Garry Kasparov: 'I hope Brexit is a wake-up call for Europe and America and not only more inspiration for other agents of chaos'
People want to be heard and to make a difference. That can mean voting for Brexit because it means 'change!' even if the consequences will be negative.
Garry Kasparov: 'In Putin's Russia we have crime without punishment and punishment without crime'
It poisons society slowly but surely.
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