DPRK fires another ballistic missile in direction of Japan
The Japanese government urged citizens of northeastern prefectures to find shelter as North Korean missile flew over the island of Hokkaido in the early hours of Friday.
President had a meeting with delegation of Keidanren Japan Business Federation
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with delegation of the Committee for Business Cooperation with Ukraine of Keidanren Japan Business Federation headed by Chairman of Marubeni Corporation Teruo Asada.
Japan plans to deploy troops in case of DPRK's attack
The Government of Japan is considering for the first time the possibility of deploying self-defense forces in case if North Korean missile enters the Japanese territorial waters. This is stated in the research of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers, reports Yomiuri.
Russia will complete the installation of missile systems throughout the country in 2017
In 2017, Russia will complete the installation of missile systems that will "protect the entire perimeter of Russia, both from the sea and from the air," claimed Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu, on March 20th, according to Russian media reports, while Shoigu was commenting on the results of the Russian-Japanese discussions in Tokyo.
Japan voices protest against Russia over plans to station division in the Kuril Islands
The Government of Japan has voiced protest over the Russian Defense Ministry’s plans to place a division in the Kuril Islands within the year. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced the official position at a press conference, reports Nikkei media outlet.
Russia decided to place military division on Kuril Islands
The Government of Japan has expressed its protest against the decision of the Russian Federation to place on Kuril chain islands its military division. This was stated by Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Ёsihide Suga, said "TASS".
Russia`s Bal and Bastion missiles deployment in Kaliningrad and Kuril Islands is under investigation – Atlantic Council's Lab
Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab probed Russia's deployment of Bal and Bastion missiles to Kaliningrad and the Kuril Islands, Uatoday reports.
Japan is ready to answer after Russia`s deployment of Bal and Bastion missile systems to Kuril Islands
Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida stated that Tokyo will take measures if Russia deploys Bal and Bastion missile systems to the Kuril Islands, Uawire reported.
Possible gas attack took place at station in Tokyo, - media
Possible gas attack in Tokyo, China Xinhua News agency wrote on Twitter.
Olympic Committee approved the inclusion of five new sports in the program of the Summer Olympics 2020
Athletes will compete for awards kits in baseball, surfing, climbing, karate and skateboarding
Knife-wielding former employee killed 19 people and injured 25 in Japan
Police officers stand guard near the Tsukui Yamayuri En care centre where a knife-wielding man went on a rampage at a care home for the mentally disabled, killing 19, on July 26, 2016
North Korea has made the launch of three ballistic missiles toward Japan Sea
Missiles flew about 500-600 km
North Korea launched what appeared to be an intermediate-range missile to a high altitude in the direction of Japan
North Korea missile reaches new heights, 'intensifying' threat to Japan before it plunged into the sea, military officials said, a technological advance for the isolated state after several test failures.
Prime Minister of Ukraine Groysman harshly criticizes Rada
Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has criticized the work of the Verkhovna Rada and the populism of some political forces. He mentioned this during the Cabinet’s meeting on Wednesday.
Statement of G7 Ambassadors regarding the judicial reform in Ukraine
The 42nd G7 summit was held on May 26–27, 2016 at the Shima Kanko Hotel in Kashiko Island, Shima, Mie Prefecture, Japan.
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Progress has been made in restoring infrastructure after Kumamoto earthquakes
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a statement due to the progress in restoring infrastructure after earthquakes including a magnitude 7.0 mainshock which struck on April 16, 2016 beneath Kumamoto City of Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu Region, Japan.
Ambassador Ken Ichiro Sasae: President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima at the end of this month will significantly add momentum to Japan and America’s collaborative efforts in these fields
According to Reuters, Barack Obama will be the first U.S. president to visit Hiroshima in Japan later this month, but his visit should not be viewed as an apology for United States' dropping of an atomic bomb.
The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates spring in Washington, DC, the gift of the cherry blossom trees, and the enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Japan
As it has for many years, the Sakura Matsuri - Washington, DC Japanese Street Festival marked the final weekend of the 2016 National Cherry Blossom Festival, bringing over 25,000 visitors to the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe last year that his country could joint NATO counting on her support
German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to lobby Japan’s joining NATO during her visit to the country last March, The Japan News writes.
Embassy of Japan in the USA celebrates another active season of cultural and legislative exchange
To celebrate another active season of cultural and legislative exchange, the Embassy invited Chiefs of Staff from the U.S. Senate to a spring celebration dinner at the Ambassador’s residence this past Monday.
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