Photo: The official ceremony of meeting between Poroshenko and Reuven Rivlin
Meeting between Presidents of Ukraine and Israel
Military parade in Kyiv: Military vehicles are about to stroll down the central street of Kyiv (photo)
Servicemen of all service branches and subdivisions participate
6 residential houses damaged and several shells exploded near the city hospital in Krasnohorivka during shelling by militants
No casualties among civilians are reported
Southern Wind 2016 military drills: Ukrainian airmen improved their skills
Ukraine’s Air Force in action
Sea Breeze 2016: Ukrainian marines along with US peers would conduct amphibious manoeuvres from USS LSD Whidbey Island
Ukrainian and US marines to conduct joint operation from USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)
Three week training course conducted by the UK trainers concluded at the Zhytomyr airborne troops training centre
UK trainers have been training Ukrainian military at airborne troops training centre for a year
Slovyansk celebrating the 2-nd anniversary of liberation
A large number of people came together in the town square. Among them there are many of those who took part in the liberation of the town, in its social and economic rehabilitation, in particular National Guard militants.
President Petro Poroshenko visited wounded Ukrainian servicemen undergoing treatment in Bulgaria
During his official travel to Bulgaria President visits Ukrainian servicemen undergoing rehabilitation there.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s twin fights in Donbass (pics)
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s double is fighting on the side of Ukrainian army in the Donbass. His pics were posted by well-known Ukrainian volunteer Oleksii Mochanov.
The participants of Rapid Trident 2016 started tactical training at different sites of the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre
Marines conducted water crossing
Game of Thrones in the Ukrainian style: The First Domestic Fantasy is Being Shot in Kyiv's Troyeshchyna
The motion picture is called 'The Stronghold'. Ukrainians started to shoot the first domestic fantasy, which has been already dubbed an analogue to American 'Game of Thrones' and 'Lord of the Rings'.
Watch: World’s cities are born one-by-one, beginning with the very first city in 3700 BC
This map visualizes the history of urban settlements over 6000 years. The History of Urbanization, 3700 BC - 2000 AD.
Watch: Three snow leopards were born in Ukraine for the first time
The little snow leopards were born on May 19 but the Nikolaev’s zoo management has decided to show the babies’ photos only a month later. The zoo’s staff still hasn’t known the triplet’s sex as their mom is so severe, that she doesn’t let anyone come to her babies.
Watch: Disneyland solemnly opens in China
The project costs about $ 5.5 bln. Shanghai became a witness of a very solemn event. The Chinese have opened the first Disneyland on the mainland. The event was attended by high-ranking members of the Chinese government.
Euro 2016: Police used tear gas against English fans
The French police used tear gas to disperse English football fans in Lille. Police Special Division, mounted police and helicopters gathered on the central streets of the city. 'The BBC Ukraine' reports this.
More than 30 people died after bus fell into gorge in India
At least 30 passengers of the bus are considered to be dead as a result of the vehicle’s falling into a deep gorge in the north-east of India. In total, there were 35 people in the bus. According to police, 95% of the passengers are dead.
Euro 2016: Hamsik leads Slovakia over Russia 2-1
Marek Hamsik scored one goal and set up another to help Slovakia beat Russia 2-1 at the European Championship.
Scientists are holding rally at Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Scientists from the National Academy of Sciences have launched a rally at the building of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers. They are requiring to increase funding for science.
Rescued and happy: British firefighters rescued a cow that stuck in the… hollow
The fire brigade from North Yorkshire had to do unusual for them work. The family of local farmers called them and begged to rescue their cow.
Wife of Orlando’s gunman did her best to help her husband
Omar Matin's wife knew about her husband’s intentions to arrange a terrorist attack in a gay club of Orlando. The woman didn’t tell the police that she was with the killer in a shop and saw her husband buying bullets and a holster. It also became known that the woman had driven him to the Pulse club, where the attack took place.
The Rescued Treasures of Italy exhibition is to open in Kyiv
President Petro Poroshenko took part in the opening of the Rescued Treasures of Italy exhibition in the National Museum of Western and Oriental Art, in Kyiv.
An England fan left in a coma after reportedly being beaten with an iron bar by a mob of Russian football hooligans
According to ITV, England fan Andrew Bache in coma after being hit over the head repeatedly with an iron bar or hammer in Marseille.
Euro 2016: Spain beats Czech Republic
First match of Euro 2016 in Group D ended with Spain's victory.
Social networks are shocked: Russian official is happy at terrorist attack in USA
A deputy’s assistant of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg of Putin's Edinaya Rossiya party gloated over the terrorist attack that happened in an American gay club yesterday.
Watch: Miss Slavyansk 2016 'fought' for Russia
The winner of the beauty contest 'Miss Slavyansk-2016' is a real fan of Russian invaders. This is clear from Vladislava Tatkalo’s posts in social networks.
Nothing is impossible - The last wish of dying woman proves that miracles exist!
Katherine Bodo is dying of a cancer and one of her last wishes is to be married.
Crimean occupiers crash into pier on 'Admiral Grigorovich' frigate
The crew of Russia’s Admiral Grigorovich frigate made a hole in the skin, while trying to tie up to the shore in Sevastopol. Russian occupiers hardly managed not to drown the ship.
Picture of the day: Putin and Lukashenko’s sad faces at the sight of pretty girl
Social networks made fun of the presidents’ looks. A funny pic from yesterday's meeting of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin became extremely popular in the Internet.
The Embassy of Ukraine to the United States has launched 'House of Ukraine'
It is a series of Embassy events held together with the The American Center for a European Ukraine with the purpose to promote Ukraine and its culture in Washington D.C. The initiative also aims to raise awareness about Ukraine’s geopolitical situation and economic potential.
Watch: How is Ukraine’s national team preparing for Euro 2016?
Here are some pics from the life of Ukrainian team in the last few days before the Euro.
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