Poroshenko's advisor assesses probability of Russian annexation of occupied Donbas
Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, academician, adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Horbulin believes that Russia will not go for the annexation of certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, according to an UNIAN correspondent.
Juncker sees no arguments for lifting sanctions against Russia
He also believes that US President Barack Obama's assessment of Russia as a regional power - is "a big mistake"
Luxembourg MFA demanded the exclusion of Hungary from the EU
Foreign Minister says Hungary’s exclusion is 'only way to preserve unity and values of European Union'
Angelina Jolie visited a Syrian refugee camp and urged world leaders to help sort the current crisis
Angelina Jolie says Syria conflict and the concerns of its people should be at the centre of discussion at the upcoming UN's General Assembly
'EU's ability to accept new refugees almost reached its limits,' - Tusk
According to Tusk, EU soon will not be able to adopt refugees
German official says the government expects 250,000 refugees to arrive in 2016
Germany expects about 250,000-300,000 refugees in 2016
Norway is putting up a steel fence at a remote Arctic border post with Russia
The fence will be built in the coming weeks, before winter frosts set in, to make it harder to slip into Norway via a forest
Germany has tightened border controls with Switzerland
Germany tightens Swiss border controls to choke off a flow of illegal immigrants, Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer said, calling it evidence that Germany has withdrawn its welcome mat for migrants.
Merkel faced renewed criticism of her handling of the refugee crisis after attacks
Chancellor Angela Merkel faced renewed criticism of her handling of the refugee crisis in the wake of four attacks in Germany in the span of a week that have unsettled the public.
Erdogan: EU does not accomplish its obligations regarding migrants
Turkey will accomplish its obligations
A teenage Afghan refugee armed with an axe and knife injured four people on a train in Germany
Afghani man attacks train commuters in Germany with axe in southern Germany before being shot dead by police, officials say, according to BBC News.
Britain to decide on its membership in EU
The results of the voting should be announced tomorrow morning.
France is on fire: Migrants try to reach Britain
French government is facing far not an enviable situation this year. It has to suppress demonstrators and migrants instead of quiet preparations and hosting the Euro-2016 football championship.
Migrant crisis: Rescue under way from capsized boat off Crete – BBC
About 250 people have been rescued from a migrant boat that has capsized in the Mediterranean sea, Greek officials say, according to the BBC.
Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge being attacked by Donald Trump as a 'hater,' a 'total disgrace,' 'biased,' and who 'happens to be … Mexican'
Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge being attacked by Donald Trump as a 'hater,' a 'total disgrace,' 'biased,' and who 'happens to be … Mexican' – who is presiding over a class-action lawsuit against Trump University – is in fact a distinguished member of the nation’s judiciary and an exemplary public servant, born in Indiana.
Czech police arrested five Ukrainians for forging documents for migrants - Mass Media
Czech police say they have broken up a criminal network that was producing and distributing forged Lithuanian documents for migrants to gain access to the European Union, according to Radio Liberty.
There are about 50 million slaves in the world - Mass Media
Most slaves live in India. According to the annual Global Slavery Index that is published by an Australian team of researchers, about 46 million people in the world are slaves.
Donald Trump wrongly claimed that 'Syrian refugees are being relocated in large numbers to New Mexico'
After New Mexico’s Republican governor Susana Martinez - the nation’s first Hispanic female governor - declined to attend Trump’s rally in Albuquerque, he slammed her.
Angelina Jolie really decides to reduce breast size one more time - Mass Media
Angelina Jolie had a surgery to remove her breasts in 2013. Actress has been going in for social activities more and more cheerfully.
Germany's foreign minister Steinmeier warned of a return to nationalism in Europe as several challenges - from uncontrolled migration to eurozone instability
Currently posing a threat to the 28-member European Union is the "politics of fear, of isolation and of refusing common European solutions," Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Saturday.
US president Barack Obama said that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is trying to undermine European unity, which he sees as a threat
U.S. President Obama criticized his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for undermining European unity by taking advantage of the recent migrant crisis as well as the rise of the far right across the continent. Several reports have suggested Russia is weaponizing the migrant crisis against the West
USA promises to meet refugees’ aims in spite of everything
On Wednesday, the USA said it is going to meet refugees’ admittance aims that were claimed last year. Last September, the USA said it’s going to accept 10,000 migrants by September 30, 2016. However, the first Syrian family that had used American help came just this month.
European migrant crisis pushes people to Britain
According to the Migration Observatory, more and more people from the south of Europe go to Great Britain due to jobs crisis in the Eurozone. During the recent years, the number of Europeans in the UK has increased to 3.3 million. Half of all the migrants came from Poland.
Germany registered stunning number of requests for asylum
Germany has set the record for the number of requests for asylum, Reuters reports. More than 181.4 thousand requests for asylum have been registered during the three months of this year, Germany’s Ministry of Internal Affairs says. The number of requests was increased by 112%, as compared with the same period of last year.
Erdogan threatens to refuse EU migrant deal
Ankara has reminded the EU of its obligations according to the agreement. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara is to refuse to implement the agreement with the EU on the return of migrants from Europe to Turkey in case Brussels does not fulfill its obligations, the Turkish news source Hurriyet Daily reported.
Angelina Jolie discussed refugee issues with the Prime Minister of Greece
Angelina Jolie continues her active social life, and, recently, she has officially visited Greece.
Refugees cross the Greek border to enter Macedonia
On Monday, hundreds of refugees, who waited for permission to go to Macedonia, packed up, left the camp in Idomeneo, and went looking for a place to cross the border. Three refugees drowned while crossing the river; their bodies were found in the water by Macedonian police.
Closing borders won’t solve the migrant crisis – Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that strengthening border control in the Balkan countries cannot settle the problem of migration.
Slovenia almost closed its border for migrants
Slovenia has announced a sharp tightening of its rules of entry for migrants. From now on, border crossing is allowed only for those refugees who are really at a loss and plan to seek asylum in Slovenia.
Macedonia said goodbye to migrants
Macedonia said that it would not allow migrants to cross its border with Greece any more. Thus, the main road towards Northern Europe will be closed for refugees.
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