The most powerful NATO members will not allow Hungary to stop Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic movement
Germany and another ten NATO member states have expressed disagreement with Hungary's actions to block Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic initiatives because of the law on education.
Election in Germany underway as Merkel seeks to secure 4th term in power
Merkel's CDU is looking most likely to win the most seats in the Bundestag - for the fourth election in a row, The Telegraph reports.
Fifty politicians, businessmen from Germany, Austria to visit occupied Crimea in spring 2018 – Russia media
Some fifty deputies, businessmen and public figures from Austria and Germany will allegedly arrive in the Russian-occupied Crimea to take part in the International Economic Forum to be held in Yalta in the spring of 2018, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia.
Germany rejects Poland’s demand of WWII reparations
Germany rejected the demand of Poland on paying additional reparations for the damage brought to the country during the World War II, noting that this issue was settled in 1953, as German government spokesman Steffen Seiber told AFP.
Ukraine’s army among world’s TOP 30 - ranking
The Global Firepower 2017 Military Strength Ranking has put the military powers of the world into full perspective, placing Ukraine at the 30th spot.
The leaders of the Normandy format expressed resolute support to the cease-fire regime on the occasion of the beginning of a new school year
The President of Ukraine held a phone conversation with the leaders of the Normandy format – the President of France, the Federal Chancellor of Germany, and the President of Russia.
Germany to share experience for Ukraine’s decentralization reform
German government envoy on decentralization is to work on Ukrainian reform starting this September, as the Ukrainian government press service informs.
Vladimir Putin doesn't understand the limits of Donald Trump's power – Time
There are still many in Russia who take pleasure in watching the White House consumed by infighting and stumbling from one setback to another, most recently the failure to push through health care reform and the rapid hiring and firing of foul-mouthed communications director Anthony Scaramucci, according to an American weekly news magazine Time.
NATO proposes mediation in Germany-Turkey conflict resolution
NATO's secretary general is offering to broker a visit by German lawmakers to troops serving on a Turkish air base in an attempt to heal a rift between the two allies which is disrupting anti-Islamic State operations. This was reported by Reuters.
Merkel, Macron on Donbas: Fulfill Minsk, withdraw forces, let in OSCE
​German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron summarized the results of the Normandy Four negotiations. The leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia during the talks confirmed the need to fully implement Minsk agreement. This is said in a joint statement by Merkel and Macron, published on the Chancellor's website on Monday.
No deal at G20 summit. Putin to continue messing with world
Discussion of Russian aggression in Ukraine at the G20 summit in Hamburg was announced well in advance, both by the White House, the Elysee Palace, the office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, and the Kremlin. After a long pause, the Russian-Ukrainian war was finally brought to the highest world level of discussion.
Football: Ukraine rises in FIFA rating
The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) renewed the rating of the world national teams as the FIFA website reported.
Poroshenko, Merkel united on need to continue active contacts in Normandy format
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel July 5, the Ukrainian presidential administration’s press service reported.
Germany, France, Russia to discuss Ukraine issue at G20 summit
The leaders of France, Germany and Russia will discuss the issue of Ukraine within the G20 summit that starts on July 6 in Hamburg. The German Government claimed this as Associated Press reported.​
Trump, Putin to meet in Hamburg
U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are going to meet during the approaching summit of G20. The Associated Press reported that on Thursday.
Germany doesn’t want Erdogan’s speech before Turks at G20 summit
The German Cabinet plans on banning Recep Tayip Erdogan from holding a speech before the Turks residing in Germany during the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg. Der Spiegel wrote that on Thursday, referring to Angela Merkel’s press service.
14 Donbas conflict soldiers sent for treatment, rehabilitation to Germany
14 Ukrainian servicemen injured during battles in Donbas were sent today from Boryspil airport to Germany to receive treatment and rehabilitation in the hospitals of Bundeswehr, reports Ukraine’s Defense Ministry press service.
Germany's Eurowings to fly to Kyiv's Boryspil from 2018
Germany's low-cost airlines Eurowings, which is part of the Lufthansa Group, will start flying to Kyiv's Boryspil airport from next year, according to the airport's director.
Germany welcomes harvesting period ceasefire in Donbas
The German Foreign Ministry praised the harvesting period ceasefire in Donbas, recently announced by OSCE, Ukraine and Russia. Sigmar Gabriel, the chief German diplomat said that as quoted by Ukrinform news agency.
EBRD announces Naftogaz's prequalified gas suppliers
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has published a list of prequalified gas suppliers that will be able to bid in tenders at which national oil and gas holding Naftogaz of Ukraine will buy gas using an EBRD revolving loan in 2017-2018, according to the company's press service.
Germany criticizes U.S. for unilateral Russia sanctions — media
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is concerned that proposed new U.S. sanctions against Russia could lead to European companies being fined, a government spokesman said on Friday, and the economy minister warned of possible counter-measures, according to Reuters.
Former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl has died
Former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl died on Friday, June 16, at the age of 87. This was reported by Bild.
NATO opens trust fund of €2 billion for ATO soldiers rehabilitation
NATO opened a trust fund of 2 billion euros for the rehabilitation of the ATO soldiers. This was announced by the acting head of the Central Military Medical Directorate - Chief of the Medical Service of the Armed Forces Oleksandr Labunets at the briefing, reports Ukrainian News agency.
Germany to resume border control for duration of G20 summit
Germany resumes the border control for the duration of G20 summit. The General Council of Ukraine in Hamburg reported this at Facebook.
Stoltenberg: Minsk agreement to be discussed at upcoming NATO Summit
Russia’s failure to comply with the Minsk agreements will be one of the major topics for discussion during the oncoming NATO summit in Brussels, slated for Thursday, May 25. Jens Stoltenberg, the Alliance’s Secretary General said that at a briefing in the Belgian capital.
Russian spies seek EU recruits in fight clubs - media
Russian intelligence services are using martial arts clubs to recruit potential troublemakers in Germany and other EU countries, security experts have warned, according to EU Observer.
Ukrainians win the 2017 World Cup in military marksmanship
Hungary hosted the 2017 World Cup in military marksmanship; the competition among police and army shooters from various countries took place in Budapest, Ukraine Media Crisis Centre reports.
President honored memory of Sachsenhausen concentration camp prisoners
In the course of the working trip to Germany, President Petro Poroshenko visited Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg to honor memory of the victims of Nazism.
U.S. not willing to join Normandy format: German government’s coordinator for Russia cooperation
Donald Trump Administration does not want to take on additional functions and join the Normandy format of talks on Donbas settlement, the German government’s coordinator for intersocietal cooperation with Russia, Central Asia, and the Eastern Partnership countries Gernot Erler told Deutsche Welle.
NATO fighters intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft in Lithuania
Polish F-16 Yastreb fighters, which are based in Siauliai in Lithuania within the framework of the NATO mission, intercepted the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20M. This is reported by Polish Radio with reference to the Center for the Joint Command of the Air Force (AIRCOM) in Ramstein, Germany.
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