Watch: Russian ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova lies in the sun near her house
The ballet dancer has nothing to be ashamed of. Anastasia Volochkova has arranged a day-off. Following her bright holidays at the Maldives, she decided to take a sun bath at home.
Santa Dimopulos showed how she would like to look in the morning in bed
Famous singer Santa Dimopulos decided to whet appetite of her fans by means of her photo in bed. During 2 hours fans left more than 2 thousand likes.
Orlando Bloom arrived in Donbas, Ukraine as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
A famous actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom has arrived in Ukraine, to visit one of the schools in Slavyansk Donetsk region.
Dwayne Johnson: ''CJ may yet don her iconic red swimsuit again as Pamela Anderson has joined the cast of the Baywatch movie''
The project of ''Baywatch" reboot was announced in the autumn of last year. However, then Pamela Anderson was skeptical about playing her famous role of CJ Parker.
Paris Jackson marked her 18th birthday with a tattoo tribute to her late father Michael
A daughter of American singer Michael Jackson made a tattoo on her wrist in the Los Angeles tattoo salon. Paris Jackson explained in her Instagram that she marked her 18th birthday with a tattoo tribute to her father.
If you love guinea pigs, food, and anything cute for that matter, you’ll fall in love with Ludwik
Bald guinea pig Ludwik suffered from several illnesses, but his owner Agata Nowacka looked after him well, and helped this unusual pet to conquer the Internet. Now Ludwik is a professional model and Instagram star. The breed of hairless guinea pig is called "skinny".
People discuss new Instagram photos of Britney Spears.
The time of mean tattles about Britney's plumpness has passed. Now, the singer looks great and she selflessly shares it with the audience. Yesterday, the star posted a new photo on her Instagram account, which caused an unprecedented sensation.
Pug-bartender from the United States has conquered the Internet
Pug from Austin (Texas, USA) named Rocco has quickly gained fame among Internet users thanks to his owner Lili, who published his photos on Thursday, 17 March. In the pictures, this amusing dog wears different costumes and stands next to delicious cocktails “made by him”.
The actress of "Star Wars" refused fan's invitation to his graduation
The actress Daisy Ridley, who played the main role in the seventh episode of "Star Wars", refused to go with her fan to his graduation event.
How does a man make unbelievable dolls that are copies of celebrities?
The blogger Shiga became a star of Instagram thanks to his doll-making talent. He creates wonderful miniature copies of Hollywood stars and famous musicians.
American glorified his dog with the help of Photoshop
Chris Klein and his dog are extremely popular in Instagram. The fact is that a talented photographer "extends" his dog ' Juju ' to an enormous size with the help of graphic editor Photoshop and creates cute photo adventures.
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