Watch: SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System
Interplanetary Transport System, formerly known as the Mars Colonial Transporter, is SpaceX's privately funded development project to design and build a spaceflight system of reusable rocket engines, launch vehicles and space capsules to transport humans to Mars and return to Earth
We can win not only Eurovision: Ukrainian project of Mars aerial vehicle sensationally became the leader in NASA contest
Ukrainian inventors took part in this project for the first time, but they have real chances to win. This year the contest includes 1287 projects, but only five of them have reached the final vote.
Second phase of Mars exploration was postponed
The second phase of the joint ExoMars project of Roskosmos and the European Space Agency (ESA) was postponed from 2018 to 2020, TASS reported referring to the state corporation.
The hypothesis of scientists about the origin of life on Earth: somebody created us
The first hypothesis, revealing that life on Earth has been brought from space, was discussed in the 19th century. Astronomer Jacques Laskar from the National Center for Scientific Research published a sensational mathematical theory about the influence of the moon on the Earth's behavior.
ExoMars sends its first signal on its way to Mars
ExoMars launched in the framework of the joint mission of the Russian Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully contacted Earth after the separation from its space tug.
Baikonur launched a rocket to Mars
The Baikonur Cosmodrome launched a rocket "Proton-M", which was carrying spacecraft device ExoMars-2016.
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