Kyiv Berkut's ex-chief spotted in Moscow dispersing rallies (Photo, video)
The notorious former chief of the Kyiv Berkut riot police unit, Colonel Serhiy Kusiuk, who is wanted since summer 2015 on suspicion of involvement in massacres of activists during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, has been spotted dispersing an anti-corruption rally in Moscow on Monday, June 12, according to the Ukrainian television news service TSN.
McCain warns Trump: any “reset” of relations with Russia will be a dangerous step
The republican senator John McCain warned US president-elect Donald Trump against softening relations with Russia. McCain stated that any “reset” of these relations will be a dangerous step.
The first phone call between Putin and Trump: details of the conversation revealed
Russia hopes Trump presidency will give it a free hand to do whatever Moscow considers necessary in Ukraine and Syria, Uatoday reported.
Russia's MFA hacked: American computer genius "The Jester" leaves a warning, claiming that nobody is impressed by alleged Russia`s involvement in computer attacks
The man hacked Russia's MFA website leaving the message "Stop attacking Americans"
Negotiations in raised voice between Poroshenko and Putin during Normandy Four meeting: Peskov shared the details
According to him, no one turned on their caps lock voice during Normandy Four meeting
Kremlin: Russia`s official position does not coincide with glorification of murdered Motorola
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the official position of Russia`s authorities does not coincide with feelings of glorification that filled Russian society in light of the Motorola `s murder in occupied Donetsk.
Khodorkovsky launched a project to identify replacements for Putin in the 2018 presidential election
Khodorkovsky told Moscow journalists from London on September 12 that the project, called 'Instead of Putin,' had been launched online at
Russian media revealed that a head-on crash in which a man was killed involved Vladimir Putin's official black BMW
Putin's official car involved in head-on crash in Moscow, his 'favorite chauffeur' killed
Putin appointed Anton Vaino as the new chief of staff
Sergey Ivanov recommended his candidacy.
Russian authorities prevent Ukraine's Cultural Centre in Moscow from functioning
Russian authorities continue destructing cultural facilities connected with Ukraine, while similar Russian centres continue operating in Kyiv and Lviv.
Moscow will take into account in its military planning the appearance of modernized nuclear bomb in USA
Russia responded to US plans to start production of new nuclear warhead
Russia detained 143 railway carriages at the border, en route from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
106 carriages were sent on a modified route, 33 - returned to the sender, 4 remain at border transfer stations
Kremlin: Russia never interferes into electoral processes in other countries, including in the U.S.
Russia never interferes into electoral processes in other countries, including in the United States, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.
Minsk-2, Syrian war and terrorism: topics of Kerry and Putin’s discussion become known
The US Department of State has announced the first details of the meeting between the US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Journalists reveal aim of Kerry’s visit to Moscow
The US will ask Russia to influence Damascus, so that the Syrian air force would stop bombing the opposition.
Putin signs Yarovaya’s package to tighten anti-terrorism legislation in Russia
New rules oblige operators to store correspondence and talks of the users for six months.
Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland visited Moscow for consultations with Russian
Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and NSC Senior Directors Celeste Wallander and Charles Kupchan visited Moscow June 23 for consultations with Russian officials on the situation in eastern Ukraine.
Duma lets Rosgvardiya use weapons in crowd
The State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption recommended adopting a presidential bill on Rosgvardiya’s troops in Russia in the 2nd and 3rd readings on June 21. At the same time it supported an amendment that lets the servicemen use weapons in crowd in order to prevent a terrorist attack or for release of hostages.
Plane with Karelia’s victims arrives to Moscow, identification procedure starts
The schoolchildren’s bodies, who had drowned in a storm in Karelia, were sent for identification just after the landing of the plane. There still is no exact information on how many bodies were delivered to Moscow.
MFA of Ukraine: Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo ‪‎Klimkin‬ participated in the CTBTO Ministerial meeting
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo ‪‎Klimkin‬ participated in the CTBTO Ministerial meeting dedicated to the 20th anniversary of signing of the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty.
The Su-27 crashed at the suburbs of Moscow, Russian Defense Ministry’s press service reports
Earlier, the source told that the MiG-29 had crashed during a training flight. The pilot's body was found near the exploded plane. According to the Defense Ministry, the Russian plane crashed while returning to the main airfield in Moscow region.
Watch: Amateur stuntman became famous after getting arrested for painting Ukrainian flag on top of building in Moscow
Ukrainian roofer Mustang reached the top of a 452-meter high crane in Dubai. He published the video on his YouTube channel.
Ukrainian saber fencer Olga Kharlan defeated every her opponents in Moscow, Russia
The athlete from Nikolaev has shown her stunning skills during the international Moscow Sabre competition.
US ice hockey fan filmed 'sneaking into Russia's changing room and urinating on kit'
A controversial video appears to show the moment a US ice hockey fan sneaks into the changing rooms and urinates on a Russia player's shirt.
Russia and China pose threats to vital U.S. space capabilities and other U.S. technological weapons superiority - Pentagon
The Pentagon’s officials believe that Russia and China are increasing their capacities, which will let them attack the United States in space. This makes the US to spend billions to strengthen and protect its own equipment.
The end of friendship: Amur the tiger to be isolated from Timur the goat forever
Timur the goat has undergone a course of treatment in a Moscow clinic after his fight with Amur the tiger and will never live in the same cage with the predator again.
Trump’s presidency is contrary to Moscow’s interests - Experts
The Republican Party’s candidate for the US presidential post Donald Trump will support a decision to lift anti-Russian sanctions in words, but he won’t become a partner for the Kremlin.
Hovi Star, Israel's Eurovision entrant, had been on the receiving end of humiliating treatment from border guards at Moscow airport
According to Ynetnews, Hovi Star said that officials at Moscow airport told him he cannot enter the country and tore his passport apart. The singer believes that the border guards tore his passport only because he is gay.
In Moscow meeting, Netanyahu tells Putin the Golan Heights is a red line that must remain a part of Israel
According to Jerusalem Post, to avoid misunderstandings during the meeting between the heads of Russia and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu told Putin that the Golan Heights will always remain a part of Israel. He said this because the demand to return the Golan Heights appeared in Syrian peace process.
Controversial video where man finds his wife in bed with her cop-colleague stuns the Net
A controversial video that depicts disclosure of adultery has been spread on the Internet. It turned out that its main characters were Moscow cops.
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