Ukraine starts recovering Gazprom assets following court rulings
Ukraine has successfully begun recovering the assets of Russian gas monopoly Gazprom, according to the judgments handed down by court, Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko has told reporters, according to an UNIAN correspondent.
Russia resumes diesel oil supply to Ukraine through pipeline
Diesel oil supplies from Russia to Ukraine were resumed last week. This was reported by Interfax. Rosneft formalized all necessary documents and pumping has been resumed.
Russia awards a contract for pipelaying of Nord Stream 2 to Allseas
Gazprom’s subsidiary Nord Stream 2 AG have awarded a contract for offshore pipelay of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea to Allseas, reported the World Pipelines.
Ukraine and Poland accused Europe of allowing Gazprom to increase volume of gas supply bypassing Ukraine
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of Poland Andrzej Duda delivered a Joint Statement calling for the revision of the European Commission’s decision that allows Gazprom to increase volume of gas supply to Europe bypassing Ukraine.
Poroshenko: Ukraine had been kept on the gas hook for 25 years and promised to speak to Russia in Stockholm about gas supply
President Petro Poroshenko visited Kolodnytsya gas field in Stryi district, Lviv region to take part in launching gas production.
European Commission on Energy: 'We want to restart the successful format of trilateral gas talks with Ukraine, Russia and EU'
European politician also noted Ukraine's progress in reforming of energy sector
Ukraine sees 0.3% reduction in the production of natural gas since start of year
Ukraine saw a 0.3% reduction in the production of natural gas in January-July 2016 year-on-year to 11.4 billion cubic meters, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine reported
Oil prices rose on the day but appear vulnerable to concerns of oversupply
Oil rose on Monday, driven by new orders as traders staked out positions at the start of the new month, but the market remains dogged by plentiful crude supplies, a flood of refined products, and a weakening economic outlook, Reuters reported.
Reuters: Oil prices recovered slightly from April lows in early trading
Oil scrambles off April lows but oversupply still weighs
Bloomberg: Vladimir Putin urgently needs to revive his country’s economy
Vladimir Putin Is His Economy's Worst Enemy
IDPs Vadym Chernysh: 'Extraction of gas by the Russian Federation in the Black Sea will be the subject of disputes'
Minister of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Vadym Chernysh said that Ukraine to sue Russia over gas extraction in Black Sea
Ukraine has increased daily gas imports from Slovakia
Ukraine boosts gas imports from Slovakia, having supplied 11.8 million cubic meters (mcm) on July 19, up by 51% compared with the previous day, in light of the need to build up gas stocks before the start of the heating season.
Ukrainian GTS will be connected with the Romanian system
The plan is to transport gas from Ukraine to Bulgaria and in reverse
Garry Kasparov: 'It's important to remember why energy is a big part of Putin's aggression and of Europe's defense against it'
There is so much mixing and so many middlemen. Even boycotting the oil and gas production of a rogue nation, as was done with Iraq and Iran, is difficult.
Ukraine renews gas import from Poland
All the repair work on the pipeline has been finished.
Russia will exhaust one of its sovereign funds next year to cover the budget deficit
Russia will exhaust one of its sovereign funds next year to cover the budget deficit, according to a finance ministry proposal submitted to the government, according to Reuters.
Ukraine to become most energy-efficient state in Europe - Groysman
The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman promised to transform Ukraine into the most energy-efficient state in Europe.
'Gas price for Ukraine is lower than in European trading floors', - Gazprom chairman
Gazprom unveiled gas price for Ukraine
Russia promises 'good' gas prices for Ukraine
Naftogaz is unsatisfied with the price offered by Gazprom.
Poland strikes a new blow to Russian 'gas hegemony' in Europe
Poland started to import liquefied natural gas from Qatar. This 'mockery of Moscow' costs Warsaw $720 mln. However, Polish government is going to continue the struggle for the gas independence. At the same time, the excess of natural gas in the world markets and emerging competition in Europe make Gazprom to reduce its prices.
Delivery of Russian gas to the EU will cost 3-4 times less via Ukraine than via Nord Stream 2
Naftogaz of Ukraine estimates that delivery of Russian gas to the EU via the Direct Stream (the traditional route across Ukraine) will be several times more cost effective in 2020 than via the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
100 km of 'gas artery' to link Ukraine and Poland by 2020
The new gas pipeline’s project will provide about 1,000 employees with jobs. The agreement on cooperation between Ukrtransgaz and Gaz-System S.A. was signed in 2014 and resulted in a project of a new gas artery between the two countries. Polish experts and Ukrtransgaz are now working on the project’s documentation.
'Naftogaz' won’t buy Russian gas for $177 in third quarter - Vitrenko
'Naftogaz' of Ukraine doesn’t agree to buy Russian gas for $177 per 1 tcm in the third quarter, the company’s director of business development Yuriy Vitrenko says.
EU representative welcomes UGV's goal to increase gas production and applauds fight against corruption
Torsten Wöllert, Team Leader on Energy in the Support Group for Ukraine met Oleg Prokhorenko, CEO of UkrGasVydobuvannya to discuss the recent developments, reform steps and obstacles.
Naftogaz won’t pay Gazprom for gas which was supplied to militants
Naftogaz of Ukraine has taken no Gasprom’s gas at the entry points to the uncontrollable territories and has no plans to pay for it, Naftogaz’s statement reads.
The regime of Bashar Al-Assad has been cooperating with Daesh over oil, gas and power supplies
Syria’s official authorities in the person of the President Bashar al-Assad have been cooperating with the leaders of Daesh, including oil trading.
'Ukrgazdobycha' has discovered a field in Shevchenkivsky district of Kharkiv region, Ukraine with estimated reserves of 290,000 tonnes of conventional fuel
The 'Black Gold' is situated at a depth of 2,100 meters. Oil deposits were discovered in Shevchenko district of Kharkiv region.
An oil workers strike in Kuwait has hurt the country’s production
The price of oil is over 40 dollars per barrel. World prices on oil on Tuesday, April 19, are lowering because of the pessimism of investors, which is connected to the continuing excess supply in the market and to the failed meeting of oil producing countries in Doha. At the same time, the price of oil is over 40 dollars per barrel due to reduction of its production in Kuwait because of strikes of the employees.
Norway is going to bring gas prices down and oust Russia from markets
Norway intends to increase the volume of gas production from its largest Troll field in order to challenge Russia and the USA in the market, Bloomberg writes. According to Statoil ASA, which is the field’s operator, gas production will increase by 10% this October.
The Rockefeller family has challenged the world's oil companies for the sake of saving the planet
The Rockefeller Family Fund won’t continue supporting oil production. It has decided to get rid of its own institutions that are connected with this sphere. Rockefellers’ representatives reported about this decision on the fund’s official website.
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