Watch: Portuguese boy consoles crying France fan after Euro 2016 final
The most touching moment of Euro 2016: Portuguese boy hugs crying French fan
In the final match of the European championship football team of France will meet Portugal
Portugal - France: Euro 2016 final
Euro 2016: Round of last 16 is up ahead
Group stage is over, games to be played on June 25-27.
Euro 2016: European Football Championship is starting in France
The hearts of millions of football fans from all around the world are to beat faster, as the 15th European Football Championship Euro 2016 is starting at French Stade de France today. The main sport event is to start with a match between France and Romania.
Watch: How is Ukraine’s national team preparing for Euro 2016?
Here are some pics from the life of Ukrainian team in the last few days before the Euro.
Euro 2016: Young fan from Lviv finally goes to France
The family of Bobenchik managed to 'fill the gap' in the papers.
Euro-2016 faces great danger: Skies over stadium is to be closed by drones
Due to the rains, the water level in the Seine rose to six meters, the houses more than 25,000 people are deenergized, and 3,000 residents had to be evacuated. 26 departments (including Paris) declared a state of emergency. Four people became the victims of the flood and the cost of damage rose up to 600 million euros.
Watch: Ukrainian famous eight-year-old football fan heading to EURO-2016 denied visa
A famous 8-year-old football fan from the city of Lviv, Volodymyr Bobenchyk, may miss UEFA EURO-2016, because the Embassy of France denied granting an entry visa to him and his parents, Ukraine Today reports.
Ukraine rises three points higher in FIFA ranking
The leader of the world ranking still is Argentina. Ukrainian national team has improved its position in the FIFA’s updated ranking of national teams.
Ukrainian Euro 2016 squad announcement
Gusev and Kravets didn’t make the cut for Ukraine’s national team.
President Poroshenko wishes Ukrainian footballers to win Euro 2016
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko took part in a solemn ceremony. They saw off the national football team for the European Championship that is to be held in France.
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