Watch: Portuguese boy consoles crying France fan after Euro 2016 final
The most touching moment of Euro 2016: Portuguese boy hugs crying French fan
In the final match of the European championship football team of France will meet Portugal
Portugal - France: Euro 2016 final
Angry Ronaldo becomes meme and beats goat kids and baby
Users of the Net have made a joke of an emotional reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo for a goal of the Hungarian national team. It equalized the teams in the final match of the group stage of the Euro-2016. A funny video appeared on Dream Team channel in YouTube. It presents a mounted clip, where the angry footballer attacks Donald Trump, hits the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s face and mercilessly beats all the members of One Direction pop group.
Ukrainian midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko might move to Man City
Man City offers EUR 4 million for Ukraine’s Zinchenko.
National football team of Ukraine loses head coach: Mikhail Fomenko officially resigns
The Ukrainian head coach Mikhail Fomenko has resigned.
France is looking for Russian killer of British fan: He can be linked to security forces
On June 22, Russian politician Alfred Koch announced the search of a Russian citizen, who could kill a British fan.
Euro-2016: Fans to break up match between Croatia and Spain
The match is to take place on June 21 in Bordeaux.
Fomenko resigns, Shevchenko heads Ukrainian national team after Euro-2016
The head coach Mikhail Fomenko will resign following a disastrous performance of Ukrainian football team at Euro-2016. They have already found the most likely substitution for him. It will be a legendary Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko, who now acts as Fomenko’s assistant.
Euro 2016: Russian fans fight with Spaniards in Germany
The reasons for the fight between Russian and Spanish citizens are being investigated.
An England fan left with severe brain injuries after violence at the Euro 2016 tournament, has 'opened both eyes' in hospital
Injured England fan Andrew Bache 'improving' after Euro 2016 violence, his brother has said.
Euro 2016: French hotels put stickers 'Entrance forbidden for Russian pig'
French hotels and restaurants forbid Russians enter due to hooligan behavior of Russian fans.
Euro 2016: Ukraine vs Northern Ireland - Bookmakers are sure in Fomenko’s victory
Bookmakers compared the chances of Ukraine’s and Northern Ireland’s national teams in the upcoming football match that is to take place within the Euro 2016 in France.
Euro 2016: Police used tear gas against English fans
The French police used tear gas to disperse English football fans in Lille. Police Special Division, mounted police and helicopters gathered on the central streets of the city. 'The BBC Ukraine' reports this.
Euro 2016: Hamsik leads Slovakia over Russia 2-1
Marek Hamsik scored one goal and set up another to help Slovakia beat Russia 2-1 at the European Championship.
Euro 2016: Ukrainian national soccer team to face next opponent
Ukraine's squad will face Northern Ireland on Thursday.
Euro 2016: Time to analyze players of Ukrainian national team to understand what kind of results to expect at following matches
On Sunday, June 12 Ukraine’s national team played its first match at the European Championship 2016 – and lost to Germany. It is time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Ukrainian national team to understand what kind of results to expect from the team in following matches of the football championship.
Russia doesn’t deserve any fines and disqualification from UEFA - Mutko
The head of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the leader of the Russian Football Union Vitaliy Mutko commented on UEFA Control and Disciplinary Committee’s decision on conditional disqualification of Russian national team. According to him, the verdict is unfair.
An England fan left in a coma after reportedly being beaten with an iron bar by a mob of Russian football hooligans
According to ITV, England fan Andrew Bache in coma after being hit over the head repeatedly with an iron bar or hammer in Marseille.
French Prime Minister comments on deportation of Russian fans
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that some football fans are to be deported due to mass clashes among the fans at the start of the European Championship.
UEFA has conditionally disqualified the Russian national team from the Euro 2016 Football Championship
This means that in case of recurrence of the clashes that were in Marseille, Leonid Slutskiy's team will be kicked off the European Championship.
Euro 2016: Match with Ukraine is everything for us - Evans
Northern Ireland defender hopes his team outmatches Yellow Blues.
Hundreds of special troops, guns and shockers - Bus with Russian fans stopped and surrounded in France
The bus with Russian fans was stopped on June 14 at Cannes. The vehicle was sent to a park for searching. The Commissioner told the detainees that he acted according to the order of the prosecutor of the republic.
French authorities are to deport 50 Russian fans
Special forces will start to storm a bus with fans in the next few minutes, the head of the Russian Union of Fans Aleksandr Shprygin writes in Twitter.
Those who attacked Ukrainian fans before Euro-2016 match in Lille spoke Russian
The aggressive people acted in an organized way and 'they were Russian ultras from Germany.' A group of Ukrainian fans was attacked by unknown Russian-speaking persons in balaclavas. The incident happened at the European Football Championship in the French city of Lille. This was reported by a relative of several Ukrainian victims, the deputy of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council Yaroslav Grishin.
'Bloody' Euro 2016: Advanced Russian hooligans take part in riots of Marseille
20 people were arrested. About 150 trained Russian football hooligans came to France to take part in the riots, Marseille’s prosecutor Brice Robin states.
Euro 2016: After attack on English fans 40 armed policemen broke into rooms of Russian hooligans
According to the head of the Russian Union of Fans Aleksandr Shprygin, French police raided the hotel where the union’s members were staying. This happened due to a large-scale fight among the fans of Russia and England.
Euro 2016: Spain beats Czech Republic
First match of Euro 2016 in Group D ended with Spain's victory.
At least one hundred and fifty Russians took part in the riots that took place in Marseille - French authorities
Russian fans were perfectly ready for fast ultra-violence. At least one hundred and fifty Russians took part in the riots that took place in Marseille at the end of the Euro 2016 match between Russia and England.
The French government has urged cities hosting Euro 2016 matches to ban alcohol near venues and fan zones
French government calls for alcohol ban in match zones, according to BBC.
WATCH: England and Russia fans rioted Saturday at the Old Port in Marseille
At least 20 people taken to hospital and several arrests made as supporters of rival teams fight in French port city of Marseille.
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