Russian reconnaissance ship seen off the coast of the United States
The Russia's Meridian-class reconnaissance ship "Viktor Leonov" is once again located in international waters off the eastern coast of the United States, as reported by the television channel Fox News.
Ravil Mingazov is the last of nine Russians held at the U.S. prison in Cuba to be free
The United States on July 25 approved the release of a former Red Army ballet dancer who has been imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for nearly 14 years, Radio Liberty has reported.
President Obama’s visit to Cuba and its effects
Barack Obama: "New Day" has come in relations between the USA and Cuba." He stated this at a joint press conference with Raul Castro in Havana. And some politicians published their opinions about that on Facebook.
Obama met with Raul Castro: the historical photo which spread all over the world
March 21, US President Barack Obama, during his historic visit to Cuba, met with the Cuban statesman Raul Castro at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana.
Barack Obama visits Cuba
American President Barack Obama currently is on a three-day visit to Cuba, which, as he has admitted, really is “historic” one. He is considered the first president of the USA who has ever visited the island since 1959. After the revolution that happened that year, the two countries became enemies.
US welcomes Cuba by easing trade and travel laws
On Tuesday, the USA introduced new changes of trade and travel rules to make it easier to visit Cuba. Furthermore, it transformed standards of American dollars there.
Obama plans to visit Cuba in March, Rubio criticizes his decision
According to Reuters and CNN US President Barack Obama plans to visit Cuba in March.
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