HMS Diamond, capable of shooting down aircraft within 100 kilometers, will enter Black Sea
London sends clear signal of support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, - UK defense minister
The British Army secretly moved tanks in case of Eastern Europe`s invasion
UK Army moved tanks through Channel Tunnel during secret drills to test the rail network in case of an invasion of Eastern Europe.
Power of "directed energy": British army plans to supply laser weapons in mid-2020s
If tests prove their potential, first laser weapons could be put into service in mid-2020s
Video: Russia`s the only aircraft carrier brought about ridicule in the Internet - clouds of black smoke reminded users about ships of WWII
Ships of British fleet are escorting Russian vessels in the English Channel, heading towards the Mediterranean from Norwegian sea on their route to Syria to join Bashar al-Assad's bombing campaign.
UK naval destroyers are going to meet with Russian flotilia in Strait of Dover
Ships of British fleet set to escort the naval forces of the Russian Federation, heading towards the Mediterranean from Norwegian sea on their route to Syria to join Bashar al-Assad's bombing campaign in Syria.
Outpost that is used by U.S. and British special forces was hit by the Russian airstrikes
Russia bombed base in Syria used by U.S., according to The Wall Street Journal
Ukrainian-American Rapid Trident-2016 drills start at Yavoriv polygon
On June 27, the international military drills Rapid Trident-2016 started at the polygon of Yavoriv district in Lviv region. The complex events will be held during the next two weeks up to July, 8.
Anaconda 2016 military drills in Poland are over
Ukraine took part in exercise, along with units of other Eastern European armies
President Petro Poroshenko signed Decree that allows foreigners to serve in AFU under contract
Poroshenko has let foreigners serve in the army. The presidential decree approved the procedure for military service in the ranks of the AFU for foreigners.
New Conflict: Great Britain intercepts Russian submarine
The submarine was detected by NATO’s forces. The Russian submarine that could carry cruise missiles was intercepted in the North Sea.
General of the Army of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko and senior British Army officer John G. Lorimer discussed the further directions of military cooperation between Ukraine and the United Kingdom
Tuesday, June 07. KYIV — General of the Army of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine, held talks with Lieutenant General John G. Lorimer, Chief of Joint Operations, UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHO).
Video: Putin, stay out! - NATO is ready to protect its allies from Russian aggression
Earlier, NATO officials discussed just the possible threat from Russia. Now it addressed Putin with an urgent advice. According to its words, Russian president should stay out of its way.
NATO troops landed on Finland’s coast - Mass Media
They will practice landing and fighting on the polygon of Syndalen that is located on the Hanko peninsula.
U.S. Abrams tanks have arrived in Georgia for training exercises
The US and British military units and armored vehicles of the US Army and NATO have arrived in Georgia.
Large-scale NATO exercise is to be held at Russian border in Estonia
The largest Spring Storm 2016 military exercise (Kevadtorm 2016) is to start in Estonia on Monday, Interfax reports, citing the press service of the Main Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces.
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