U.S. forces down combat drone of Syrian army
The U.S. troops shot down a battle drone of Bashaar al-Assad’s army, as the Western coalition units patrolled the area beyond the demilitarized zone in southern Syria.
Assad: No chemical weapons in Syria
President of Syria Bashaar al-Assad said there is ‘no chemical weaponry’ in his country; AFP quoted him as saying on Thursday, April 13.
Media: Turkish Army attacked Assad’s troops
Turkish armed forces, with the support of the Free Syrian Army, shelled the Syrian border guards at the western part of the city of Manbij, reported the Arabic edition of Al-Masdar.
80% of Russian air strikes in Syria were not directed against the Islamic State
The German tabloid Bild reports that the overwhelming majority of Russian air strikes in Syria were not aimed at Islamic State targets, according to data from the Munich Security Conference of 2016.
Syrian forces are taking full control over Aleppo - Reuters
Rebel forces have been practically driven from Aleppo, source say
War in Syria: airstrikes on Aleppo brought new destructions
Hours after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump, discussed Syria over the phone and agreed on the need to combine efforts in the fight against what the Kremlin called “international terrorism and extremism,” Russia launched its major offensive in Syria, according to The Guardian, UNIAN reported.
Battle for Aleppo: rebels launched a massive offensive to unblock the city - video
Syrian rebels in Aleppo unleash mortar and 'Grad' attacks in massive offensive against government forces. A series of deadly car bombings on government-held positions aimed at breaking the siege of rebel-controlled eastern neighborhoods also took place.
Samantha Power: 'What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism, it is barbarism'
Russia under fire at UN after deadly Aleppo bombings
'Syria's return to peace is almost impossible task,' - Churkin
Churkin also said that Russia will not agree to unilateral steps for ceasefire
Syrian aircraft crashed near Damascus
A Syrian warplane has crashed near the capital, but it's unclear if it was shot down or came down because of a technical fault
U.S. military stopped an air raid against ISIS in Syria after Russian officials said it may have bombed Syrian soldiers
The U.S. military has said it stopped an air raid against Islamic State (IS) militants in eastern Syria after Russian officials said it may have bombed Syrian army troops.
U.S.-led coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers
U.S.-led coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers on Saturday, endangering a U.S.-Russian brokered ceasefire and prompting an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting as tensions between Moscow and Washington escalated
Syrian ceasefire begins
U.S. and Russia agreed on this during recent talks in Geneva
Russia slammed UN report which holds the Syrian government forces responsible for using chemical weapons
Russia's rep to UN Vitaly Churkin criticized report, claiming it doesn't contain any specific details
UN said Russia agreed to a 48-hour humanitarian cease-fire in the divided Syrian city of Aleppo
But security guarantees are needed from other parties in the conflict
Steinmeier called on Russia to ensure the 48-hour cease-fire regime in the Syrian city of Aleppo
German Foreign Minister claims Russia especially responsible for truce in Syria
Russian air forces defeat Daesh positions: no revenge, just banal continuation of anti-terrorist operation - Peskov
The spokesman of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov commented on air strikes against targets of Daesh terrorist organization. The official rejected the version of revenge for the helicopter that had been shot down earlier.
Humanitarian gesture doesn’t work: Russia cheats Israel by replacing museum tank
Russia has returned the Magach-3 tank to Israel. The vehicle was captured by the Syrians during a Lebanon war in 1982. However, it became known that the Israelis had received the wrong combat vehicle.
Assad’s troops defeated: Daesh’s terrorists go into mass offensive and break front at Raqqa
Bashar al-Assad’s attack force supported by Russian troops and the militants of Hezbollah was almost completely defeated at Raqqa.
Watch: The moment a terrorists car bomb hit Syrian Army gathering near Palmyra
ISIS terrorist blows up a car bomb near Palmyra city.
US attacks Daesh militants without help of Russia
The US militaries hit the positions of the Daesh terrorist group near Palmyra in Syria. According to United States Air Forces Central Command commander Lieutenant General Charles Brown, the aim of the US armed forces was to hit the militants’ tactical units and a vehicles.
Putin vows payback to every terrorists in Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad over the death of innocent civilians during the terrorist attacks in Latakia. On May 23, the Kremlin press service said that the Russian leader had sent a telegram to Assad.
Syrian Conflict: The top U.S. commander for the Middle East has secretly visited Syria
The top U.S. commander for the Middle East has secretly visited Syria for a first-hand look at efforts to build cohesive alliances of Arab, Kurd and other local fighters to defeat Daesh.
Syria: Rehearsal of Russian military parade at Hmeymim airbase
Russian airbase Hmeymim in Syria has hosted a rehearsal of a parade in honor of the 71th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Banner of Victory and the Russian flag were carried through the airfield. They were followed by a convoy of military equipment, which included Tigr armored cars, BTR-80As and BTR-82, D-30 howitzers and Uran-9 robots.
Lebanese troops killed Daesh leader in an army operation at Syrian border
Lebanese forces killed a Daesh leader on Thursday in an army operation in the mountainous border region with Syria, Lebanon´s National News Agency and a security source said.
Several Syrian rebel groups have announced a new offensive against the government
The Syrian rebels announced a counteroffensive on Assad. Such a radical decision was made due to ceasefire violation. Armed groups of the Syrian opposition announced a counteroffensive against the government forces, saying that they have taken this step due to ceasefire violation by the Syrian Army.
Rebels captured the key stronghold of al-Rai from Daesh
Syrian army has taken back the key town of al-Rai from Daesh. The capture of the northern town means a great victory for the rebels, because it provides an essential supply line from Turkey for the army.
Liberation of Palmyra: Daesh ran away, Peace restored, ruins and sand were left
The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has been completely released from militant extremist organization Daesh, which is banned in Russia and many other countries.
Russia, Assad sabotage Syria ceasefire
The cease-fire that took effect in Syria on Saturday is formally in place, but reports reveal that it is being violated and is not so promising for bringing permanent peace to the country. Opposition groups claimed that Russian warplanes shelled some cities and that Bashar Assad's forces disturbed the cease-fire 15 times with Russia's support, while Moscow announced that the cease-fire was violated nine times in 24 hours.
Have U.S. and Russia achieved ceasefire in Syria?
US-Russian truce plan was accepted by both sides of the conflict. The Syrian government and the main opposition group are very tired of hostilities, killings and deaths. Thus, they say that they accept terms of the plan in order to stop combat actions from Saturday.
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