Poroshenko in the interview to Bloomberg emphasized the role of NATO for the world and Trump`s unique opportunities
In the interview to Bloomberg, Petro Poroshenko opined about the role of NATO in providing world`s security, sanctions against Russia and Trump`s opportunities concerning Ukraine.
Nuclear weapons ­in return for lifting US sanctions: Trump`s proposal on trade-off
US President-elect plans to start off from trusting Putin and Merkel
'Things that may be first to explode': Joe Biden shares his experience with Pence regarding Ukraine
Acting Vice-President praised his successor in office.
CIA chief Mike Pompeo concluded Russia has occupied Ukraine
Rep. Mike Pompeo, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's choice to lead the CIA, acknowledged before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Thursday that Russia has invaded Ukraine, listing Vladimir Putin's state as one of the leading threats to the United States, according to USA Today, reported Unian.
Trump vowed to build up the biggest US navy fleet to neutralize threats from Russia and China
Military offer, inter alia, to acquire another aircraft carrier.
U.S. intelligence report: Russians were mediators in transfering hacked documents to WikiLeaks
U.S. intelligence has identified the go-betweens the Russians used to provide stolen emails to WikiLeaks, according to U.S. officials familiar with the classified intelligence report that was presented to President Barack Obama on Thursday, according to CNN.
Director of U.S. Intelligence: next week Russia`s hacker attack motive will be revealed
Director of National Intelligence General James Clapper promised in the nearest future to name the reason why Russia allegedly conducted hacker attack aiming at intervention in US presedntial elections.
Trump scoffs at North Korea's nuclear weapon allegedly capable to reach USA - 'It won’t happen!'
Ballistic missiles that North Korea says it has been developing will never be able to reach parts of the United States, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump wrote on Twitter.
US introduced new sanctions on Russia over 'significant malicious cyber-enabled activities'
President Barack Obama has issued new sanctions against Russian people and companies that the US government has accused of hacking American institutions ahead of the election.
Kissinger assures Trump to recognize Crimea as Russian territory in order to strengthen global stability – Bild
The U.S. president-elect is reportedly seeking abolition of anti-Russian sanctions on the "Kissinger's recommendation"
Exxon Mobil CEO with Putin's Order of Friendship: Trump finally decided who will get Secretary of State position
Rex Tillerson was awarded by Putin with Order of Friendship.
President-elect Donald Trump agreed to hold bilateral meeting with Poroshenko
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump.
The first phone call between Putin and Trump: details of the conversation revealed
Russia hopes Trump presidency will give it a free hand to do whatever Moscow considers necessary in Ukraine and Syria, Uatoday reported.
​Putin's not going into Ukraine: Trump's key quotes
U.S. billionaire Donald Trump, newly elected 45th president, have mentioned Ukraine on numerous occasions – both during his campaign and before. The most notable quotes of the new president-elect on that issue have been compiled by UNIAN.
Potential candidate for the post of U.S. Secretary of State supported the idea of supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons
One of the main contenders for the post of U.S. Secretary of State under the new president Donald Trump is considered to be former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Russia says it was in contact with Trump’s team during campaign - Bloomberg
Russia said it was in contact with President-elect Donald Trump’s team during the U.S. election campaign, despite repeated denials by the Republican candidate’s advisers that any links existed, UNIAN reports.
Article 5 obligation: NATO promises to defend all allies, despite Donald Trump`s victory
After almost 70 years of collective defence, NATO stays committed to what it was created for, says Stoltenberg
Mass anti-Trump protests started across U.S. - video from marches in the biggest U.S. cities with "No racist USA" and "Not My President" shouts
Thousand marches against newly elected president Trump, burning effigies and blocking traffic swept across the United States.
Poroshenko congratulated Donald Trump on winning presidential elections in USA and invited the newly elected President to Ukraine
Petro Poroshenko congratulated Donald Trump on winning the presidential elections in the United States that took place on November 8.
What will be with Ukraine after the US presidential elections? - Foreign Policy
US Vice President Joe Biden leads the administration's support of Ukraine. Will the US politics change after the presidential elections?
Robert Reich: 'Hillary Clinton was steady and articulate tonight. Donald Trump was just the opposite'
Tonight we received insight into what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like for Americans, Ted Cruz said
Clinton: 'Putin greenlighted hacker attacks on U.S. institutions'
U.S. presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin playing really tough, long game
Trump: 'U.S. could not be the world’s police'
Republican candidate for the presidential post in the United States Donald Trump during the first televised debate with his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton said that Washington could not be the world’s police.
Watch! The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump
Full video of the first U.S. Presidential Debate 2016
Ted Cruz: 'Clinton policies would harm millions of Americans, and Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way'
Like many other voters, I have struggled to determine the right course of action in this general election, - Cruz shared on Facebook.
Poroshenko called the words of Trump about possible recognition of Crimea as Russian territory the 'campaign rhetoric'
Poroshenko suggested that the statement came as part of a presidential election campaign
'If Donald Trump wins in the US elections, Ukraine will have to tighten its budget,' - MP
'I hope that Trump won't stay long in the US government', he said
Trump's campaign did not respond to the invitation of Petro Poroshenko to meet in New York
Ukrainian President offered both US presidential candidates to meet: Clinton agreed, Trump did not answer
Robert Reich: 'Trump could wreak huge damage on America and the world'
Anyone who equates Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton hasn’t been paying attention, - Reich
Watch: Jimmy Fallon checked Donald Trump's hair
Donald Trump lets Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair
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