Pentagon chief: 'Nuclear weapons are still needed to deter Russian threat'
Carter has accused Russia and North Korea of nuclear and missile provocations
Military checks in Russia: Pentagon has been monitoring the situation closely
CIA concerned over sudden military checks in Russia
Pentagon: U.S. air strike on an Islamic State weapons factory near Raqqa may have killed civilians
A U.S.-led coalition air strike on an Islamic State weapons factory near the militants' Raqqa stronghold may have killed civilians, the Pentagon said on August 24.
Russia and China pose threats to vital U.S. space capabilities and other U.S. technological weapons superiority - Pentagon
The Pentagon’s officials believe that Russia and China are increasing their capacities, which will let them attack the United States in space. This makes the US to spend billions to strengthen and protect its own equipment.
Su-24 flew over US destroyer in Baltic Sea
Russian Su-24 bombers flew over the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea at a height of 30 m more than 20 times, Reuters reported, citing a source of the Pentagon.
Pentagon reported on air strike against Al Qaeda leaders in Syria
The Pentagon claimed an air strike against a group of al-Qaeda leaders in northwestern Syria on April 3, Reuters writes.
Pentagon gives more money to fight against evil Russia
The Pentagon has identified Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and international terrorism as the major factors threatening American security, Ashton Carter’s statement reads.
Bin Laden’s "Testament": It’s too early to establish a caliphate, the West is stronger than Daesh
The White House revealed 113 Islamist documents delivered by the US commando. He attained them during the mission aimed at the liquidation of al-Qaeda leader, during a search for his last shelter in Abbottabad in 2011.
Pentagon hit Daesh in Libya
The target of the air strikes was the camp of militants, allegedly linked to the group "Islamic State."
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