‘Assault Rifle M16 - a reliable and accurate tool of war’: Ukraine`s incentive to adopt NATO fire arms
Assault rifle M16, which will be produced in Ukraine at enterprises of the SC “UkrOboronProm” – in cooperation with American company “Aeroscraft” – is a modern weapon that unites a long production experience and combat use.
The majority of Ukrainians supports joining NATO
The best way for Ukraine to guarantee its safety is by joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and, if a referendum on accession were held in the near future, more than three quarters of Ukrainians would vote for it.
Secret document states NATO is ready to intervene Balkans
The Alliance is ready to prevent new ethnic wars from unleashing in the Balkans, the secret documents says.
A course for transition to high-tech manufacturing: new projects and the weapon of Ukrainian production presented in NATO headquarters for the first time
The State Concern “UkrOboronProm” represents its products and its new projects in NATO HQ (Brussels, Belgium). The State Concern delegation is headed by UkrOboronProm (UOP) Director General Roman Romanov.
Sweden brings back Cold War weapons Kustrobotbatteri 90 on the island of Gotland to deter Russia
Faced with a newly aggressive Russia, Sweden is taking mothballed Cold War missile launchers out of storage in museums to shore up the defenses on its Baltic Sea front line, according to The Times.
​Putin's not going into Ukraine: Trump's key quotes
U.S. billionaire Donald Trump, newly elected 45th president, have mentioned Ukraine on numerous occasions – both during his campaign and before. The most notable quotes of the new president-elect on that issue have been compiled by UNIAN.
Article 5 obligation: NATO promises to defend all allies, despite Donald Trump`s victory
After almost 70 years of collective defence, NATO stays committed to what it was created for, says Stoltenberg
60 hours max: RAND report announced terms, in which Russian forces may reach the Baltic republics
The report argues that the current NATO posture is woefully inadequate to defend the Baltic republics.
Ukrainian company conducting modernization of attack helicopters Mi-24 in accordance with NATO standard is rapidly growing
For 9 months of 2016 UkrOboronProm SE “Aviakon” improved all key financial and performance indicators, compared to previous year.
One more state refused to refuel Russia's fleet on its way to Syria
Online petition to the Maltese government said the people of Malta did not want to be complicit in Russia's war crimes.
Major General Odd Pedersen: Ukraine is a reliable NATO’s partner and it will increase and develop its ongoing support for Ukraine in defence reforms
Major General Odd Egil Pederson, Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Partnerships, NATO Allied Commands Operations and Transformation, stated it during meeting with Vice Admiral Ihor Voronchenko, Ukraine’s Navy Commander.
Major Non-NATO Ally: Ukraine announced its plans to become 17th U.S. main ally out of NATO
Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak claimed the state is oriented towards receiving the status of a major non-NATO member U.S. ally, or MNNA.
Russia deploys Iskander-M in Kaliningrad, able to bear nuclear missiles: Poland immediately reacts
Poland regards Russia's missile deployment of Iskander in Kaliningrad near Poland and Lithuan borders as inappropriate step.
Russia and terrorism: Is Moscow implicated in ISIS activities?
The unending terrorist acts in France and other countries and the necessity of uniting against the growing threat of international terrorism gives rise to a certain side effect: the Kremlin is again insisting that without Russia, the West is incapable of dealing with such massive global threats. A number of specialists, including government officials, harbor the suspicion that Moscow is involved in global terrorism.
What to expect from Russia?
The unpredictable behavior of Russian forces and the local militias they control in the Donbas pose important questions for analysts: How to evaluate information from Russian open sources? How to define the Kremlin’s actual plans while separating out obvious propaganda? What guarantee do we have that western analyses will not be weaponized by the Russians? Is it possible to make any predictions, given Russian unpredictability, when even the leading experts have it wrong?
“Allied Spirit V”: the Ukrainian delegation is taking part in multinational exercise involving troops from 15 NATO countries
Yhe Ukrainian delegation led by Chief of the Ukrainian General Staff General of the Army of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko started an official visit to the United States 7th Army Training Command, taking place in Germany.
Norway, the UK, French and Spain fighter jets took off simultaneously to intercept Russian TU-160 planes
NATO scrambled its fighter jets from four European countries at the same time to intercept two Russian bombers as they were detected on their route from Norway to northern Spain and back in the sourthen Europe.
Ukraine has sent an official letter to NATO to include it in the Enhanced Opportunities program
If Ukraine manages to get this status and to work on such a program, it will help much faster to become a future member of NATO
Jens Stoltenberg: 'NATO supports Ukraine's position on sanctions against Moscow'
Secretary General said this during meeting with President Petro Poroshenko
Poroshenko: 'Our strategic goal is NATO membership'
Poroshenko voiced a matter of life and death for Ukraine during his annual speech to the Ukrainian Parliament
Steinmeier is calling for a new arms control deal with Russia to prevent accidental war
Germany's foreign minister is calling for new arms deal with Moscow as intensified military exercises by Russia and NATO have raised concerns that a war could inadvertently be triggered
Poroshenko has held a telephone talk with NATO Secretary General due to escalation of Donbass conflict
President Petro Poroshenko has held a telephone talk with Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, the presidential press service reported.
NATO Air Force are going to patrol airspace of Black Sea region to monitor Russia’s troops
USA and Bulgarian Air Force to monitor Russia’s troop maneuvers in Black Sea
Donald Trump says he would work with Russia to defeat ISIS
Republican candidate intends to create black list of regions to ban its citizens from entering the U.S.A.
NATO: Turkish membership in the alliance is not in question
NATO said Turkey is a valuable ally
Ukraine has received the next 1 million euros batch of material and technical assistance from the NATO
Equipment was transferred to pyrotechnic units in Donetsk and Lugansk regions
Obama: 'In the face of Russian aggression, we're not going turn our back on our allies in Europe'
U.S. President Barack Obama has said the United States is committed to protecting its NATO allies in the face of Russia's aggressive actions.
How will change EU, Russia and NATO after Brexit?
Overcoming internal differences would increase effectiveness of NATO’s response to the Russian threats
Explosion at Ukroboronprom facility: There was no reckless disregard allowed during the ammunition recycling procedure
The procedure was carried out properly, though the shells were out-of-date, - survivor in the accident.
NATO representative was one of those killed in the explosion at the Ukroboronprom testing station
NATO representative killed in blast at Ukroboronprom testing station in Krolevets district of Sumy region, Tetiana Mironenko, an employee of the Prosecutor's Office of Sumy, wrote on Facebook.
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