Russia is ready to discuss the creation of safe zones in Syria with the US
The Kremlin is ready to discuss creation of a safe zones in Syria with the USA, however any such plan must be agreed upon with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference in Moscow on February 22, reported Radio Liberty.
80% of Russian air strikes in Syria were not directed against the Islamic State
The German tabloid Bild reports that the overwhelming majority of Russian air strikes in Syria were not aimed at Islamic State targets, according to data from the Munich Security Conference of 2016.
'Signs of full support': Syrian opposition got armored vehicles from Washington
Syrian rebels claim new U.S. administration supplied them armored vehicles.
Russia, Iran and Turkey will divide Syria into zones of influence
It is reported that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad could remain President another several years
'Carnage in the UN': Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin called Samantha Power "Mother Teresa", while U.S. counterpart named the liberation of Aleppo the 'modern evil'
US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power attacked Russia, Iran and Damascus for alleged "carnage" in Aleppo equating the countries' efforts to liberate the city to the Rwandan genocide. Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin's asked Power to stop pretending to be "Mother Teresa" and remember the role the US played in the Syrian crisis.
IS militants showed enormous stores of weapons in captured Russian base in Palmyra - video of tanks, storming Syrian positions
The Islamic States militants gained huge salvage from abandoned Russian base
Syrian forces are taking full control over Aleppo - Reuters
Rebel forces have been practically driven from Aleppo, source say
Two Russian female nurses killed after shelling of hospital in Aleppo - video showed the moment of firing
Second casualty in Russian medical personnel after today's shelling in Aleppo has been revealed.
War in Syria: airstrikes on Aleppo brought new destructions
Hours after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump, discussed Syria over the phone and agreed on the need to combine efforts in the fight against what the Kremlin called “international terrorism and extremism,” Russia launched its major offensive in Syria, according to The Guardian, UNIAN reported.
IS militants destroyed the second Russian assault helicopter Mi-35 in four months with a guided missile - video
One more Russian top notch helicopter destroyed in Syria by terrorists of ISIS.
Aleppo rebels: Any withdrawal from the besieged city is Russia-mastered death trap and we will not give up it to the Russians
Militants refuse giving up to Russia as they view the surrendering as a trap.
Battle for Aleppo: rebels launched a massive offensive to unblock the city - video
Syrian rebels in Aleppo unleash mortar and 'Grad' attacks in massive offensive against government forces. A series of deadly car bombings on government-held positions aimed at breaking the siege of rebel-controlled eastern neighborhoods also took place.
Putin about war in Syria: Russia is showing restraint but our patience has limits - you'll end up on the losing side
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia was showing restraint in Syria, but the patience may run out and the responce will be unpredictable, in some way may lead to unspecified actions. according to Reuters.
Russia and terrorism: Is Moscow implicated in ISIS activities?
The unending terrorist acts in France and other countries and the necessity of uniting against the growing threat of international terrorism gives rise to a certain side effect: the Kremlin is again insisting that without Russia, the West is incapable of dealing with such massive global threats. A number of specialists, including government officials, harbor the suspicion that Moscow is involved in global terrorism.
MFA of Russia: Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled by Syrian rebels
Russian Foreign Ministry claims that today, on 4th October, the building of the Russian embassy in Damascus undergone shelling from a nearby territory controlled by militant groups, opposing Assad`s regime. Reportedly al-Nusra Front and Faylaq al-Rahman groups are those militants responsible for the attack. Russian embassy in Damascus is situated near Government building. Thus, it is impossible to ascertain what was the real object of the strike.
Top al-Qaeda commander killed by drone missile strike of US-led coalition in Syria
Senior commander of Jabhet Fateh al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) was killed by a missile fired from a drone –believed to be affiliated with the US-led coalition– in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.
Barack Obama and Angela Merkel called Russian military actions in Aleppo "barbarous"
U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a phone call on September 29. During the conversation both leaders of the USA and Germany condemned "barbarous" Russia and Syrian air strikes on Aleppo, emphasizing that Russia "bears special responsibility for ending the fighting in Syria and granting the UN humanitarian access to besieged and hard-to-reach areas in Syria".
Samantha Power: 'What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism, it is barbarism'
Russia under fire at UN after deadly Aleppo bombings
'Syria's return to peace is almost impossible task,' - Churkin
Churkin also said that Russia will not agree to unilateral steps for ceasefire
Syrian ceasefire begins
U.S. and Russia agreed on this during recent talks in Geneva
UN said Russia agreed to a 48-hour humanitarian cease-fire in the divided Syrian city of Aleppo
But security guarantees are needed from other parties in the conflict
Steinmeier called on Russia to ensure the 48-hour cease-fire regime in the Syrian city of Aleppo
German Foreign Minister claims Russia especially responsible for truce in Syria
Russia agreed to a 48-hour cease-fire in Aleppo after a haunting video of a Syrian boy injured by an air strike
Russia agrees to Syrian cease-fire after video airs of boy hit By bombs
Russian bombers delivered another airstrike on ISIS infrastructure in Syria
The attack was conducted in Deir ez-Zor province
Watch: The moment a terrorists car bomb hit Syrian Army gathering near Palmyra
ISIS terrorist blows up a car bomb near Palmyra city.
Syrian Conflict: The top U.S. commander for the Middle East has secretly visited Syria
The top U.S. commander for the Middle East has secretly visited Syria for a first-hand look at efforts to build cohesive alliances of Arab, Kurd and other local fighters to defeat Daesh.
Syria: Rehearsal of Russian military parade at Hmeymim airbase
Russian airbase Hmeymim in Syria has hosted a rehearsal of a parade in honor of the 71th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Banner of Victory and the Russian flag were carried through the airfield. They were followed by a convoy of military equipment, which included Tigr armored cars, BTR-80As and BTR-82, D-30 howitzers and Uran-9 robots.
Several Syrian rebel groups have announced a new offensive against the government
The Syrian rebels announced a counteroffensive on Assad. Such a radical decision was made due to ceasefire violation. Armed groups of the Syrian opposition announced a counteroffensive against the government forces, saying that they have taken this step due to ceasefire violation by the Syrian Army.
Syria's Assad party and its allies won a majority of seats in parliamentary elections
The opposition urges to boycott the voting. Election Commission of Syria announced the victory of the Baath Party in the parliamentary elections that took place across various government-controlled areas of the country.
CIA has "plan B" to support Syrian opposition – WSJ
The CIA is preparing an alternative plan in case of ceasefire violation in Syria. It intends to provide military support for the moderate opposition, The Wall Street Journal writes.
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