Grandfather dies protecting his grandson in 150-foot cliff fall
Austyn Kerley was on an off-roading trip with his family near the Red River earlier this month when he and his grandfather, Gerard Greenough, 63, got their jeep stuck on a mountain trail.
Explosion in Kyiv’s apartment block, evacuation underway
An explosion occurred in the apartment block in Kyiv’s Holosiivo district (12 Burmistrenko street). The press service of the State Emergency Service of Kyiv region reported this.
Update: Knife attacker in Egyptian resort kills two German, not Ukrainian tourists – media
An attacker armed with a knife killed two female German not Ukrainian tourists, as first reports on the incident said, and wounded four other foreigners, including two Czechs, at an Egyptian Red Sea beach resort on Friday, local authorities and sources said, according to Reuters.
Fire area in Chornobyl zone reduced to eight hectares, radiation background is normal
The area of the fire in the Lubianka forestry in the exclusion zone and unconditional (compulsory) resettlement has been reduced to eight hectares, the official website of the State Emergency Service reported on Friday.
Van runs over crowd in London
A lorry ran over the crowd of people in London, killing at least one and hurting at least ten people; three of them are heavily wounded. The driver was arrested. Reuters reported that with reference to witnesses and social media.
Six dead after huge fire rips through London tower block — BBC
At least six people are dead after a huge fire raged through the night at a west London tower block, and police expect that number to rise, according to the BBC.
Shooting outside Houses of Parliament in London, casualties reported
Two people were shot at least a dozen people are reportedly injured after an incident on Wednesday afternoon, according to Reuters.
People rally against garbage processing plant in Lviv
A rally against the construction of a waste processing plant and against the formation of waste sorting line in the Ryasne district began in the morning on the Market Square, where Lviv City Council holds the meetings. Later the representatives of the radical organizations like Azov, Community Development and Legion Sport Club began to gather in front of the City Council. ZAXID.NET reports this.
Zhebrivskyi: We have no mass evacuation in Avdiivka, but all algorithms are worked out
Pavlo Zhebrivskyi says people need duvets and warm clothes.
Daily Sabah: Syrian leader Al-Assad in critical condition due to ischemic stroke
His condition is critical, president of Syria was taken to hospital, according to media, reported by 112 TV channel.
Poroshenko`s right hand MP Kononenko poisoned: mercury in blood exceeded by 50 times
According to the verdict of doctors, its content in blood was exceeded by 50 times.
Yet another separatist`s warlord died in Russia: “LPR” founder Valery Bolotov passed away at his home
Several sources confirmed his death, reported by 112 TV channel.
Doomsday Clock getting closer to midnight: threats of nuclear weapons and climate change arising
On Thursday, the group of scientists who orchestrate the Doomsday Clock moved its minute hand to two and a half minutes before the final hour, amid increasing worries over nuclear weapons and climate change.
Dutch journalist tried to bring parts of bodies and pieces of downed MH17 plane from Ukraine
Police have detained Dutch journalist Michel Spekkers at Schipol airport in Amsterdam for attempting to smuggle pieces of the MH17 passenger plane shot down over eastern Ukraine into the Netherlands.
New meteorite falling over Russia captured on video
No one was injured, no devastations were reported.
“Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you”: British Queen nearly shot by guard during unexpected early morning walk
An incredible case happened at Buckingham Palace early in the morning, where the Queen during her 3am strall was almost shot.
A flight data recorder from crashed Russian plane showed the possible reason of catastrophe and pilot`s last words
Data recorder information points to technical fault. According to it the possible reason of plane falling was in faulty wing flaps.
Possible gas attack took place at station in Tokyo, - media
Possible gas attack in Tokyo, China Xinhua News agency wrote on Twitter.
Joint Investigation Team: 'We now have 100 suspects because the individuals, who were involved in the downing of MH17
Names of 100 individuals involved in MH17 tragedy known – JIT outcomes
'Investigation of the Malaysian Boeing crash circumstances is accompanied by speculation,' - Peskov
Kremlin states about speculations around MH17 investigation process
JIT: Buk air defense system was brought into Ukraine from Russia before it downed flight MH17
The Joint Investigation Team during its research of numerous bits of evidence found out the precise route used to bring the Buk air defense system from Russia into Ukraine before it downed flight MH17
Investigation team confirms: Flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile which was in the hands of pro-Russian militants
Flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile which was brought from Russia to Ukraine, according to the Joint Investigation Team's findings
Dutch prosecutor’s office today makes public the results of the investigation into the MH17 tragedy
Families of the victims came to Rotterdam for the official announcement procedure
Avakov calls for imperative of the presumption of innocence of the police officer in Ukraine
Interior Ministry of Ukraine will submit a package of legislative initiatives to the Verkhovna Rada, which will include the imperative of the presumption of innocence of the police officer, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has said
Russian Defense Ministry: 'Russian bombers closed in on a passenger plane is nothing but the phantom of their fantasy'
The incident involving Russian long-range bombers and civilian aircraft took place on September 22
Former Australia's PM urging Russia to own up to its role in the fatal downing of flight MH17
Former prime minister of Australia Tony Abbott is urging Russia to own up to its role in the fatal downing of flight MH17, amid claims new evidence shows militants were not at fault
Iceland said Russian bomber recently flew under passenger jet without being detected by radar
Iceland says Russian military aircraft taking 'risks' near passenger jets
Russia plans to release new radar images of the airspace in the day of the catastrophe of Malaysian Boeing MH17
Two years Russia claimed they do not have such pictures, and few days before international investigation group results’ publication they suddenly appeared
Dnipro is observing a day of mourning to honor two traffic police officers killed in the line of duty
The city of Dnipro in eastern Ukraine is observing a day of mourning on September 26 to honor two traffic police officers killed in the line of duty in the city the previous day.
Shooting took place near the Israeli Embassy in Ankara; the security forces interfered
One man was killed; the attacker was wounded and detained, - Haberturk
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