Nuclear weapons ­in return for lifting US sanctions: Trump`s proposal on trade-off
US President-elect plans to start off from trusting Putin and Merkel
'Things that may be first to explode': Joe Biden shares his experience with Pence regarding Ukraine
Acting Vice-President praised his successor in office.
CIA chief Mike Pompeo concluded Russia has occupied Ukraine
Rep. Mike Pompeo, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's choice to lead the CIA, acknowledged before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Thursday that Russia has invaded Ukraine, listing Vladimir Putin's state as one of the leading threats to the United States, according to USA Today, reported Unian.
U.S. intelligence report: Russians were mediators in transfering hacked documents to WikiLeaks
U.S. intelligence has identified the go-betweens the Russians used to provide stolen emails to WikiLeaks, according to U.S. officials familiar with the classified intelligence report that was presented to President Barack Obama on Thursday, according to CNN.
The first President of Ukraine Kravchuk proposed a new recipe of finishig war in Donbas without politicians
The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk told how to stop the war between Ukraine and Russia, noting that today no one has a "recipe" how to do this, but it is necessary to look for it, according to Echo of Moscow, reported Unian.
Russia starting to downsize its forces in Syria - aircraft carrier 'Admiral Kuznetsov' first to leave
Russia's Defense Ministry has started cutting the grouping of forces in Syria in accordance with the decree by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia's General Staff Chief Valery Gerasimov said on Friday.
Director of U.S. Intelligence: next week Russia`s hacker attack motive will be revealed
Director of National Intelligence General James Clapper promised in the nearest future to name the reason why Russia allegedly conducted hacker attack aiming at intervention in US presedntial elections.
CIA Director John Brennan: Putin tends to flex muscles and rebuked Russia of 'scorched earth policy' in Syria
CIA Director John Brennan accused Russia of having a “scorched earth policy” in Syria, which had led to the death of thousands of civilians.
British journalist explained Putin’s strategy to “divide and conquer”
In terms of figures, Russia is much weaker than the West. However, Vladimir Putin has some serious advantages, which may well prove decisive, a British journalist and publicist Edward Lucas wrote for Tyzhden, reports Unian.
Kissinger assures Trump to recognize Crimea as Russian territory in order to strengthen global stability – Bild
The U.S. president-elect is reportedly seeking abolition of anti-Russian sanctions on the "Kissinger's recommendation"
Forbes ranks Russian president 'world's most powerful person' for the fourth time
In the past years, Russian president have always got what he wants, says Forbes.
Exxon Mobil CEO with Putin's Order of Friendship: Trump finally decided who will get Secretary of State position
Rex Tillerson was awarded by Putin with Order of Friendship.
The first phone call between Putin and Trump: details of the conversation revealed
Russia hopes Trump presidency will give it a free hand to do whatever Moscow considers necessary in Ukraine and Syria, Uatoday reported.
Russian analyst: The next 30 days after U.S. elections is "the most favorable period for destabilizing Ukraine" from Moscow point of view - measures and methods are impossible to predict
Because the United States will be distracted by its elections and their aftermath, Andrey Illarionov says, the next 30 days represent “the best situation for destabilizing” Ukraine from Moscow’s point of view, according to a Russian political analyst Andrey Illarionov who spoke with 112 Ukraine TV Channel, reports UNIAN.
Is the U.S. some kind of banana republic? - Putin
President Vladimir Putin has again dismissed allegations that Russia has been meddling in the U.S. presidential election, saying those claims were just an effort to distract the attention of the U.S. electorate from real issues
Putin about war in Syria: Russia is showing restraint but our patience has limits - you'll end up on the losing side
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia was showing restraint in Syria, but the patience may run out and the responce will be unpredictable, in some way may lead to unspecified actions. according to Reuters.
What we have is not ATO: Poroshenko seeks the new term to come into force for the war in Unkraine
Kyiv to work on spreading term "Russian aggression" in international documents.
Defiant neglect of the state sovereignty: Ukraine`s MFA expresses strong protest in light of recent Vladimir Putin`s visit to the Crimea
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses strong protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on another non-consensual visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which started on October 26, 2016.
Kasparov: Putin had managed to impose "one-man rule" backed by a "fascist ideology"
Kremlin foe Garry Kasparov says President Vladimir Putin is resorting to "external aggression" and increased confrontation with the West to bolster his image as Russia's leader and maintain a "dictatorship" in the country.
Russia's MFA hacked: American computer genius "The Jester" leaves a warning, claiming that nobody is impressed by alleged Russia`s involvement in computer attacks
The man hacked Russia's MFA website leaving the message "Stop attacking Americans"
"Stop shooting": Poroshenko approached to Putin with the demand concerning Donbas conflict
Poroshenko named conditions for elections in eastern Ukraine
Negotiations in raised voice between Poroshenko and Putin during Normandy Four meeting: Peskov shared the details
According to him, no one turned on their caps lock voice during Normandy Four meeting
The main outcome of Normandy four meeting: Parties agreed to elaborate roadmap for implementation of Minsk agreements
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed that in the course of the negotiations leaders of Normandy format had agreed to elaborate a “roadmap” for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.
Poroshenko: OSCE armed police mission to begin functioning in occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions
The participants of the Normandy meeting have agreed to introduce the OSCE police mission in the occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
Putin confirmed his participation in Normandy meeting: Poroshenko has a gloomy forecast
Russian president agreed to take part in the long-expected Normandy Four summit. Negotiations will be held in Berlin, Germany on 19th October. Parties will gather again to finally find a political solution for Donbas conflict, whereas Ukrainian president Poroshenko has a gloomy forecast and did not express optimistic notes for Ukraine peace talks.
The future of Donbas: Gerashchenko shared why Putin is hiding from the Normandy format
Ukraine's representative in the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on Donbas settlement, Iryna Gerashchenko expressed her views concerning the prospect of Donbas' conflict resolution.
Klimkin: Russia`s aim of hybrid warfare is to fragment Europe
Ukrainian Foreign Minister believes transatlantic community has sufficient resources in order to give a proper response
Putin for the first time acknowledges Russia`s involvement in Donbas conflict: We were forced to protect Russian-speaking people in Donbas
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Moscow had to protect the Russian-speaking population in Donbas and Crimea, which could be seen as his confirmation that the Kremlin is involved in the war in Ukraine's East. Putin made this statement during investment forum ‘Russia calls!'.
Russia and terrorism: Is Moscow implicated in ISIS activities?
The unending terrorist acts in France and other countries and the necessity of uniting against the growing threat of international terrorism gives rise to a certain side effect: the Kremlin is again insisting that without Russia, the West is incapable of dealing with such massive global threats. A number of specialists, including government officials, harbor the suspicion that Moscow is involved in global terrorism.
What to expect from Russia?
The unpredictable behavior of Russian forces and the local militias they control in the Donbas pose important questions for analysts: How to evaluate information from Russian open sources? How to define the Kremlin’s actual plans while separating out obvious propaganda? What guarantee do we have that western analyses will not be weaponized by the Russians? Is it possible to make any predictions, given Russian unpredictability, when even the leading experts have it wrong?
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