Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine stop to recognize Ukrainian medical diplomas
‘Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine temporary or permanently stopped to recognize Ukrainian medical diplomas’, Liliya Grynevych Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science claimed this as press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reports.
Iraqi forces is advancing towards eastern Mosul - video from battlefield
Iraqi troops resumed on Monday a coordinated offensive towards Mosul, the last major city held by Islamic State, targeting the eastern bank of the Tigris river that divides the city, military officials said, UNIAN reports.
Rocket launched by IS militants at U.S. troops based in Iraq did contain a mustard agent
U.S. confirms IS used chemical rocket in attack on troops in Iraq, according to BBC News.
Suicide bomber assaulted the crowd during the wedding in Iraq
The tragedy took place in Kerbela
Militants of 'Islamic state' armed group burned 52 young people and shot and four others in Iraq
People were killed for inciting citizens to escape from the captured city
8 people were killed and 23 others injured in multiple bomb attacks across Baghdad
At least eight people were killed and 23 others injured Tuesday in multiple bomb attacks across Baghdad, authorities said.
At least 14 were killed in a suicide car bomb attack in Iraq
There are women and children among wounded
US airstrike kills Daesh leader in Afghanistan
The USA performed an air strike against Nangarhar province in Afghanistan that killed the terrorists’ leader Umar Khalifa and four other militants.
Tony Blair is ready to take responsibility for mistakes in Iraq
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed his readiness to take responsibility for the mistakes which had been made during the campaign in Iraq.
The number of victims of the terrorist attack has risen to 172 people in Baghdad
Earlier it was reported about 131 dead.
More than 82 people were killed and 200 injured in two bombings that hit Baghdad
At least 82 killed in overnight Baghdad bombings, nearly all of them in a blast targeting a busy shopping area as they celebrated Ramadan, police and medical sources said Sunday.
Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin: 'A perfect storm is brewing and it will result in more deadly attacks by ‪‎Islamic‬ ‪terrorists‬ in ‪‎America‬'
The United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush from 2002 to 2007 William G. Boykin: 'We have an enemy living among us who is evil and extremely deadly; Islamic Jihadists. Yet our ‪Federal‬ ‪lawenforcement‬ is restricted by the administration from doing all they can do to stop them and put them in prison.'
Another war crime of Daesh - Mass grave of 400 Iraqi soldiers found near Fallujah, Iraq
The grave was found by the Iraqi militants on the northern outskirts of Fallujah. The most part of the city still is controlled by the Islamists.
US Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was a grandson of infamous financier Charles Keating
The serviceman had been training paramilitary fighters in Iraqi Kurdistan and was killed in a battle at the city of Erbil.
General Abid Al-Kareem Mohamed Kalef: ''The Islamic State has only eight months left to live in Iraq''
The Iraqi general who runs Camp Taji, where Australian and New Zealand soldiers train the Iraqi Security Forces in counter-terror and urban warfare techniques, says the Islamic State has only eight months left to live in Iraq.
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