Dozens of African Americans outraged at Trump visiting Detroit
The Republican candidate for U.S. presidency visited African American church
Watch: Talking parrot Bud was witness to Martin Duram's murder
In what police are investigating as an attempted murder suicide, a case in Sand Lake Michigan is making headlines for the strange and unusual witness, an African Gray Parrot Bud.
Howard County Police Department: Ellicott City pair charged with largest-ever indoor marijuana-growing operation in Howard County
Howard County police have charged two renters in a home in the 14300 block of Tridelphia Road with running the largest indoor marijuana-grow operation ever discovered in Howard County.
Watch: Barack Obama performed trick with drinking water in Michigan
The water in the city of Flint in Michigan is suitable for drinking, if one uses a filter for its purification. American President Barack Obama claimed and confirmed this statement with his personal example.
Grand Rapids Police Department ask for assistance with identification
The Grand Rapids Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance with identifying the men in these composite sketches. Both subjects are believed to be the perpetrators who prey on the elderly by posing as contractors.
Trump strengthens his positions, winning in three states
Donald Trump has defeated all the rivals in the presidential race one more time, winning the Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii caucuses.
Brutal and fast murders in Kalamazoo: 6 deaths within four hours
The taxi driver randomly shot people in different parts of the State of Michigan. As a result, he killed six individuals, including one 17-year-old teenager.
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