Baby born in Texas with the Zika-linked birth defect microcephaly has died
The baby was infected in the womb while the mother was traveling in Latin America, though state officials have not identified where.
Video:George W. Bush dances during the Dallas Memorial
George Bush having a great time at the Dallas Police funeral
Robert Reich: 'I’m not sure why we’re so divided right now. Are the police more brutal? Have economic stresses made us angrier?'
Last night in Dallas, at least one sniper, who said he wanted to shoot white police officers, killed five officers and wounded seven others during a demonstration against recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. The sniper was killed, and three other people are in custody.
Arlington police Department: 'We woke up this morning numb and appalled at the violence directed at police'
'God bless the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department, and all those who were affected by this incident.'
Deadly massacre in Dallas: civil war coming?
The situation in Dallas still is extremely tense.
Mike Huckabee: 'First, Brexit, now Texit?'
The success of the Brexit movement in the UK has given proponents of Texas independence a big boost
WATCH: Middle school teacher gets pregnant with 13 year old student
A Texas middle school teacher accused of having sex with one of her 13-year-old students and becoming pregnant with his child has turned herself in, according to officials.
Watch: Texas gator tries to escape from car trunk
An alligator in Texas tried to make a daring escape after it was captured Sunday by climbing out of the trunk of a car.
Houston, TX has been declared a disaster area after the flood
The highest water level recorded in one of the city districts is 12 meters. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, introduced the state of emergency in the biggest city of the state, Houston, where the flood has taken the lives of four people.
The so-called "vampire" killer who says he was taking orders from the devil is scheduled to be executed in Texas
Texas has executed Pablo Lucio Vasquez, who was found guilty of a teenager’s murder. Moreover, he drank the victim’s blood, Fox News reports.
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