Kyiv Berkut's ex-chief spotted in Moscow dispersing rallies (Photo, video)
The notorious former chief of the Kyiv Berkut riot police unit, Colonel Serhiy Kusiuk, who is wanted since summer 2015 on suspicion of involvement in massacres of activists during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, has been spotted dispersing an anti-corruption rally in Moscow on Monday, June 12, according to the Ukrainian television news service TSN.
Appearance of Ukraine’s tanks in Avdiivka explained by ATO HQ
Ukraine’s tanks are in operational reserve and not used in combat operations, according to ATO HQ.
Kyiv Ivan Bohun Military College cadets support #22PushUpChallenge - video
Kyiv Ivan Bohun Military College cadets took part in #22PushUpChallenge aiming at raising awareness to veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment.
Investigators identified the exact BM-21 GRAD position, involved in shelling of Avdiyivka – 450 meters from kindergarten
For two days in a row Russian hybrid army has been massively shelling Avdiyivka in violation of the Minsk agreements, using cannon artillery, mortars and MLRSs, the activists from the international OSINT community InformNapalm said.
ATO HQ: Occupants shell outskirts of Avdiivka with BM-21 GRAD - video of rocket launching
According to the press centre of the ‘anti-terror’ operation (ATO) HQ, this night the Russian occupational troops shelled the outskirts of Avdiivka with BM-21 GRAD.
Earthquake in Italy caused an avalanche: Rigopiano hotel was hit by the snow mass - video
A number of people have been missing after an avalanche, apparently triggered by an earthquake on Wednesday, hit a hotel, Italian rescue officials say, reported Unian.
Israel carried out several airstrikes in Syria, destroying military airport - video of explosions
Syria has accused Israel of bombarding an area west of Damascus, with reports of a military airport being hit, reported Unian.
New meteorite falling over Russia captured on video
No one was injured, no devastations were reported.
Ukrainian army obtained two dozen modernized military helicopters, including Mi-24PU1 with ADROS complex protection
UkrOboronProm State enterprise “Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant” Aviakon ” in 2016 repaired and modernized more than two dozen military helicopters for Ukrainian army.
'The magic forest': Video of frontline battle from Svitlodarsk rim, where Ukrainian soldiers keep their positions
9 Ukrainian soldiers died since December 18 in Svitlodarsk.
Ukraine presented legendary Antonov AN-132D - new light multipurpose aircraft
UkrOboronProm SE “Antonov” that is now the leading enterprise of aviation cluster demonstrated a new light multipurpose aircraft AN-132D.
War in Ukraine started again: Ukrainian troops face heavy clashes near Debaltsevo - video of artillery and mortars battle
Militants attacked Ukrainian positions but were repulsed and lost strategic height, Russian artillery fired thousands of mines from residential area
'Don't forget Aleppo': Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov killed in Ankara and was hit by 11 bullets in a back - video of incident
Attacker reportedly talked about the situation in Aleppo after he shot the ambassador.
'Carnage in the UN': Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin called Samantha Power "Mother Teresa", while U.S. counterpart named the liberation of Aleppo the 'modern evil'
US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power attacked Russia, Iran and Damascus for alleged "carnage" in Aleppo equating the countries' efforts to liberate the city to the Rwandan genocide. Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin's asked Power to stop pretending to be "Mother Teresa" and remember the role the US played in the Syrian crisis.
IS militants showed enormous stores of weapons in captured Russian base in Palmyra - video of tanks, storming Syrian positions
The Islamic States militants gained huge salvage from abandoned Russian base
“Phantom” demonstrated its combat capabilities during freezing rain- video
Tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Phantom” represented by UOP SE “Spetstehnoeksport” – demonstrated its combat capabilities to the senior officials of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The meteorite falls in Russian Siberia, frightening local people - video of the space object`s explosion
A tiny space object enlighted the sky above Siberia for a moment
Donbas militants` warlord Zakharchenko calls Russia for invasion of Britain to start the golden age - video
Donbas warlord wants to invade Europe, including Britain, and regain what Russia has lost in the Crimean War
Two Russian female nurses killed after shelling of hospital in Aleppo - video showed the moment of firing
Second casualty in Russian medical personnel after today's shelling in Aleppo has been revealed.
Russian space truck "Progress" lost radio connection six minutes after the launch and collapsed - video captures debris falling
The Progress space truck mission ended up unsuccessfully, media report
Hackers broke into a web camera in Crimea - Aksyonov was forced to listen to Ukrainian anthem at the session. Video of incident
Ukrainian national anthem suddenly rolled out during a video conference of the so-called head of Crimea with regional administrations
Ukraine carries out control flight tests of 16 midrange anti-aircraft missiles - video of launch impressed
The Ukrainian Armed Forces carry out a practical phase of control flight tests of midrange anti-aircraft missiles in Kherson oblast.
Russia reacts on Ukraine’s intention to carry out missile drills near Crimea with Antey-2500 anti-aircraft missile system deployment - video spotted weapons movement
In the afternoon of November 29, movement of Russian military convoys was recorded in the occupied city of Kerch (Crimea).
Russia`s Bal and Bastion missiles deployment in Kaliningrad and Kuril Islands is under investigation – Atlantic Council's Lab
Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab probed Russia's deployment of Bal and Bastion missiles to Kaliningrad and the Kuril Islands, Uatoday reports.
Sweden brings back Cold War weapons Kustrobotbatteri 90 on the island of Gotland to deter Russia
Faced with a newly aggressive Russia, Sweden is taking mothballed Cold War missile launchers out of storage in museums to shore up the defenses on its Baltic Sea front line, according to The Times.
SBU releases video where two defectors – former Ukrainian servicemen - captured at Crimea border
In the course of a special operation of the Counterintelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine two former Ukrainian servicemen who broke the oath and defected to the Russian Army were detained, SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak said during a briefing.
SBU releases former FSB officer Illia Bohdanov kidnapped by order of Russian secret services - video of rescue operation
The Security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutor General’s Office and National Police solved a flagrant crime of the Russian secret services – kidnapping of a blogger, former FSB officer Illia Bohdanov. It was announced by the Head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak at the joint briefing with the Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko. “Thanks to operative tactics Ukrainian law enforcers recorded disgraceful tools used by the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and FSB, that ordered, organized and financed kidnapping of a Ukrainian national in the Ukrainian territory”, he stated.
The Global Special Operations Forces Foundation is to help Ukraine to set up new commando HQ: "These guys will fight till the last drop of blood. They are not afraid to die for their country" - video
The Global Special Operations Forces Foundation, based in Tampa, USA, will help Ukraine with structuring a special operations command
Dreadful and precise weapon: Ukraine successfully tests its new missile - video
It's a dreadful, precise Ukrainian weapon, says the presidential adviser Yuriy Biriukov.
War in Syria: airstrikes on Aleppo brought new destructions
Hours after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump, discussed Syria over the phone and agreed on the need to combine efforts in the fight against what the Kremlin called “international terrorism and extremism,” Russia launched its major offensive in Syria, according to The Guardian, UNIAN reported.
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