Everyone Seems To Have A Peace Plan For Ukraine
It seems that peace plans for Ukraine are everywhere these days.
Kremlin resumed war against Ukraine: How should EU respond to it?
Weapons of the Donbas has never been silent, but now the war has erupted with a new force. Avdiivka has been subjected to deliberate heavy artillery and rocket launchers attacks, carried out from the residential areas of Donetsk.
'Control deadline is August 15, 2017': Russia is preparing for a full-scale regional war against Ukraine - Felgenhauer
Russia is to unleash major war against Ukraine, Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer opined, commenting on Russian drills Zapad-2017, which provide for the deployment of personnel of the newly re-created 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District in Belarus, Unian reported.
What will be with Ukraine after the US presidential elections? - Foreign Policy
US Vice President Joe Biden leads the administration's support of Ukraine. Will the US politics change after the presidential elections?
Stratfor: Motorola`s murder could be a sign of Russia`s fast withdrawal from Donbas
Analytics notes that Motorola murdered either by militants or Russian special services. It’s unlikely that Ukrainian services could have organized the assassination; militant commander was heavily guarded, according to experts.
Russia and terrorism: Is Moscow implicated in ISIS activities?
The unending terrorist acts in France and other countries and the necessity of uniting against the growing threat of international terrorism gives rise to a certain side effect: the Kremlin is again insisting that without Russia, the West is incapable of dealing with such massive global threats. A number of specialists, including government officials, harbor the suspicion that Moscow is involved in global terrorism.
What to expect from Russia?
The unpredictable behavior of Russian forces and the local militias they control in the Donbas pose important questions for analysts: How to evaluate information from Russian open sources? How to define the Kremlin’s actual plans while separating out obvious propaganda? What guarantee do we have that western analyses will not be weaponized by the Russians? Is it possible to make any predictions, given Russian unpredictability, when even the leading experts have it wrong?
MH17 investigation and war in Syria: What consequences could Russia face?
US-Russian deal on Syria to stop the bloodshedding in the war and to establish the steady cease-fire is under threat again after recent events, namely: striking UN aid convoy and mass killing of Syrian soldiers in coalition strikes near Deir ez-Zor. These two events may result in continuation of military actions and growth of the violence in the region, disrupting all efforts undertaken by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov to find conflict resolution.
Robert Reich: 'Hillary Clinton was steady and articulate tonight. Donald Trump was just the opposite'
Tonight we received insight into what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like for Americans, Ted Cruz said
Ted Cruz: 'Clinton policies would harm millions of Americans, and Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way'
Like many other voters, I have struggled to determine the right course of action in this general election, - Cruz shared on Facebook.
Obama: 'Russia was seeking to regain 'lost glory' through the use of force'
In final UN speech, Obama urges 'Course Correction,' criticizes Russia’s use of force
Robert Reich: 'Trump could wreak huge damage on America and the world'
Anyone who equates Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton hasn’t been paying attention, - Reich
'Russia has become a noisy troll on the global stage thanks to Putin's aggression,' - Kasparov
Putin doesn't love Russia and he doesn't fight for Russian interests at all, Kasparov said.
Mike Huckabee: 'Clinton’s smear of half of Donald Trump supporters as a 'basket of deplorables,' racists, sexists, homophobes -- continues to rock the race'
Mike Huckabee believes that media are galloping to Clinton's rescue
Kasparov: 'Vladimir Putin is a strong leader in the same way that arsenic is a strong drink'
Garry Kasparov comments on Trump's statement that Putin is better leader than U.S. President Barack Obama
Robert Reich: 'Trump continues to repeat lies at the media and as a result, many Americans start believing him'
Reich shared his opinion due to Trump's yesterday speech on immigration in Pheonix
Harry Reid: 'Russia may try to manipulate voting results in favor of Trump'
In calling for an FBI investigation, Reid noted the threat of Russian interference 'is more extensive than is widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results'
Next year can be very difficult for bilateral relations between Ukraine and France in the context of the forthcoming elections
Those winning in presidential and parliamentary elections support lifting of sanctions against Russia and restore relations
Robert Reich: 'Trump's legacy of hate, paranoia, nativism and xenophobia will live on'
The toxic effects of Trumpism will have to be addressed.
The Times: Moscow is trying to negotiate with US on Ukraine’s issue before election of new president
In last few months, Putin offering Obama deal unprofitable for Ukraine: The Times
Robert Reich: 'We are witnessing tribalism and the decline of the nation state around the world'
We are witnessing a reversion to tribalism around the world, away from nation states. The same pattern can be seen even in America — especially in American politics, Robert Reich writes.
Garry Kasparov: 'Donald Trump joking about someone shooting Hillary Clinton is sick and dangerous'
Such 'jokes' trivialize violence and create a toxic, lethal atmosphere
War in Ukraine: When the sun goes down, the guns start blazing
Fears of full-scale war return as casualties mount in Ukraine
Robert Reich: Trump's economic plan today is slightly different from the plan he's put forth before'
Let me grade the key features of Trump's economic plan that he unveiled today at the Detroit Economic Club - which is slightly different from the plan he's put forth before.
Robert Reich: Anti-Donald Trump ads haven’t been working
So far this campaign season, anti-Donald Trump forces have spent close to $70 million on ads attacking Trump — more than triple what Trump has spent on his entire campaign. But the ads haven’t been working.
Donald Trump has lost US election. Ukrainian matter impacted his campaign severely - Pavel Nuss
Donald Trump has lost election in the United States. Ukrainian matter impacted his campaign severely. Soft pro-Russian rhetoric of Donald Trump who is the US presidential candidate from the Republican Party is a failed political technique that is to bring essential consequences and to play against the candidate's priorities.
Garry Kasparov: 'Putin isn't a military dictator, he's a KGB guy'
Even if things calmed down in Ukraine, Putin need to provoke conflict to boost his domestic propaganda
Garry Kasparov: 'I've seen too much of Putin in 16 years and too much of Trump in one'
The demagogic candidate must paint a bleak picture of the status quo, citing every catastrophe and failure before presenting the even darker future ahead if he isn’t granted the power to act, and act now
Garry Kasparov: 'Why is everyone talking about plagiarism by Trump's wife when the candidate himself has been plagiarizing Mein Kampf for a year?'
After my little plagiarism joke, I see an opportunity in the comments to refute one of the most tiresome discussions I have encountered in my years of calling attention to dictatorships.
William G. Boykin: 'Like most Americans, I am furious about the shooting of at least 6 ‪‎police officers‬ in ‪‎Baton Rouge‬'
There is nothing peaceable about calling for murdering police and there has to be some leadership to step forward and stop this.