Russia is more dangerous than ISIS, - McCain
The terrorist groups such as ISIS present the constant threat and they will continue to attack. However, they do not have such military capabilities, technologies and strivings to support the intentions to rule the world as Russia does. The US Senator John McCain claimed this to The Arizona Republic.
International Arbitration to consider appeal of Ukraine against Russia on Kerch Bridge building
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine filed an appeal to the international arbitration due to the building of the Kerch Strait Bridge. A lot of ships cannot sail through the Kerch Strait after the building due to the deep draft and the losses of the Ukrainian state ports will equal to 19.3 million of dollars during the 23-days restriction of the shipping traffic. The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan claimed this at 112 Ukraine.
UEFA delegation to visit occupied Crimea in September
The delegation of the special committee of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) plans to visit Crimea annexed by Russia from 10 until 20 September. The aim of the visit is the familiarization with the places were the stadiums will be built. The so-called President of the Crimean Football Union Yury Vetocha as TASS reported.
Blackout hits largest cities in Crimea
The electricity supply in the largest cities of occupied Crimea has been halted, Kryminform reports.
Newsweek: Forget Jeff Bezos, Putin is world's richest man, Senate told
Amazon boss Jeff Bezos made headlines this week when he was declared the richest person in the world with a net worth of $90 billion. But a U.S. financier told senators Thursday that he believed the title belonged to someone else, and it is not Bill Gates, according to Newsweek.
Russia admits delivering Siemens turbines to Crimea
Tehnopromeksport, Rostec’s subsidiary, that bought the Siemens gas turbines, confirmed they were delivered to Crimea after being updated, RBK informs.
Kremlin on new US sanctions: nothing to add to the MFA statement
President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the statement by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made in response to the new US sanctions. The Kremlin will not give additional comments, as Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for the President of Russia, said, according to TASS.
Ukraine’s MFA protests against Russian “humanitarian convoy” coming to Ukraine illegally
Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested against 21 cars with “humanitarian aid” entering the Ukrainian territory from Russia, as the MFA informs on their website.
U.S. sanctions against Russia are ‘low conduct’, - Putin
Russia might retaliate, responding to the recently approved U.S. sanctions; Russian president Vladimir Putin said that at a press conference after Russia-Finland talks held on Thursday.
Bloomberg: House passes new Russia sanctions that would curb Trump's power
The measure, which also would impose new sanctions on Iran and North Korea, passed the House Tuesday on a vote of 419-3, Bloomberg reported.
Putin’s dangerous new Ukraine doctrine - WSJ
Moscow has been intensifying its efforts to destabilize Ukraine. Mr. Putin has been reluctant to deploy large military forces, but fighting in Eastern Ukraine claims five or six lives a week, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Russia claims to detain Ukrainian at attempt to enter annexed Crimea
The Russian customs officers detained the citizen of Ukraine at the administrative boundary line with annexed Crimea. It is reported that he moved in the hijacked from Spain crossover Toyota Land Cruiser and attempted to entry the peninsula via the checkpoint near Dzhankoy. TASS reported this citing the press service of the Crimean customs service.