Wednesday, December 20 2017 18:06 EET
Russian candidate for president post calls Crimea Ukrainian and urges a new referendum
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Russian journalist and candidate in the president run 2018 Ksenia Sobchak has announced again the necessity to carry out a new referendum.

The new referendum on Crimea status must be recognized throughout the world.

"It is an extremely complicated issue. According to international law, Crimea is Ukrainian. People live there and we must admit the fact that those who live there are cautious about Ukraine. Ukraine must admit this too. And we'll have to decide together what we are going to do. It is impossible to take it and then give it back," she said at a news conference with Ukrainian journalists, Unian reports.

"Within a few years after the change of power in Russia, a referendum which will be recognized internationally must be held. People themselves must decide," Sobchak said.

Earlier UN general assembly adopted Ukraine's resolution on Crimea urging Russia to implement the order of the International Court of Justice.

Ukrainian president Poroshenko commenting UN resolution underlined that  the international front of the de-occupation of Crimea was gaining ground.

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