Monday, December 11 2017 13:20 EET
Putin orders Russian troops to leave Syria: details
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, during an unannounced visit there on Monday.

President Bashar Assad met with Vladimir Putin at Hmeimeem base in Syria this morning. This visit of the Hmeymim base in Syria's Latakia is the first time since the launch of the anti-terrorist operation at the request of President Bashar Assad.

Putin was welcomed at the base by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, among other officials.

Here Putin has ordered the Russian troops' withdrawal from Syria, saying that Russian forces return from Syria with victory.

"I instruct the defense minister, the head of the General Staff to begin the withdrawal of the Russian group of troops to the places of their permanent location," Putin said, when speaking to servicemen in Syria.

 The Russian leader has emphasized that if terrorists gain upper hand in Syria, Russian forces will carry out strikes that "they've never seen."

This is not the first time Russian president announces his plans to leave Syria. In March 2016 Putin declared that he planned to withdraw the majority of Russian troops from Syria.

After the unplanned visit to Syria Putin is heading for Egypt and Turkey for talks.

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