Thursday, December 7 2017 13:21 EET
Poroshenko demands draft law on the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court from the Parlament and underlines the final term
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Ukrainian president emphasized that he would submit his version of the law to the Parliament unless the MPs provide this document by the beginning of the next week.

Poroshenko stresses the necessity to elaborate a draft law on the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court by the next week.

"I am asking people's deputies to remove the old bill on anti-corruption courts from the agenda, as recommended by the Venice Commission and clear the way for a new bill," the head of state wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday morning.

Otherwise he will have to submit his own version of the legislative initiative to the Verkhovna Rada.

“Tomorrow it will be a month since I proposed to the Parliament to speed up the establishment of the Anti Corruption Court,” Petro Poroshenko notes.

Poroshenko said that this was dictated by the desire to create the most favorable conditions for the adoption of the relevant law. His bill is still being written at the moment and then it should be discussed with different political forces.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed its concern on the recent events in Ukraine referring countering corruption.

IMF warns that such negative steps "could roll back progress that has been made in setting up independent institutions" to crack down on corruption,that is key demand of Ukrainian society.

"We are deeply concerned by recent events in Ukraine that could roll back progress that has been made in setting up independent institutions to tackle high-level corruption, including the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine [NABU] and the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office [SAPO]," IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said in a statement published early on Thursday morning.

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