Wednesday, December 6 2017 17:01 EET
The most powerful NATO members will not allow Hungary to stop Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic movement
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Germany and another ten NATO member states have expressed disagreement with Hungary's actions to block Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic initiatives because of the law on education.

"The countries made it clear in the letter that the conflict between Hungary and Ukraine should not be put on the NATO plane. And they said they do not quite understand what the problem is and do not consider it so complicated to put the strategic interests of the Alliance at threat," the European Truth e-magazine said with reference to the local press.

The letter also says that the high-level contradictions in Ukraine in NATO are a signal for Moscow, since any disagreement in the Alliance is a success for the Russian Federation.

Hungary protested against the new ‘Law on education’ and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto claimed that the government of Hungary decided to block all further decisions of the EU that aim for the rapprochement of the EU with Ukraine. Also, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland and Moldova stood against this law.

Besides PACE adopted the resolution on the Ukrainian ‘Law on Education’ on October 12.

Earlier reported that Ukraine was going to cooperate with Hungary in implementation of education law.

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