Monday, November 13 2017 22:32 MSK
SBU exposes two Russia citizens, conducting subversive activity against Ukraine
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The SBU officers exposed two RF citizens, who conducted anti-state activity against Ukraine at the direction of Russian side.

The SBU operatives established that one of them began active search of persons, who for pecuniary reward are capable to organize protest actions with thoroughfares blocking. At handlers` direction, he also planned to organize a fake “tent camp” near the Ministry of Education and Science, allegedly in protest at the approval of new law “On education”.

The law enforcers documented and blocked the criminal`s intentions, who was expelled from our country because of his anti-state activity. In course of developing of other group members, the SBU officers established that another RF citizen, lodging in Dnipropetrovsk region, in the night 21.10.2017 under order of the Russian side, fired a car belonging to the family of the National Deputy of Ukraine.

This event was covered by Russian and Belarusian media. Then, the SBU operatives documented the Russian citizen attempted to buy weapons and poisonous substances. The criminal was detained in Kyiv while preparing his next crime. The law enforcers seized from RF citizen a ball grenade and cold weapons. The cache equipped by him, with ready-to-use fuse components were exposed near the South Railway Station. The foreigner used the uniform of the National Police of Ukraine special unit for realization of his own criminal intentions. 

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