Monday, November 13 2017 22:16 MSK
“DNR leader” Zakharchenko orders confiscation of local crops, reminding people of starvation during the soviet times
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A flashback from 1933, when confiscation of grain from Ukrainian farmers led to their starvation during the Holodomor.

Oleksandr Zakharchenko, the self-proclaimed “DNR leader”, has ordered all cereals and grains, as well as all vegetables, fruits, grapes, etc. to be confiscated and transferred to the “republican state”.

The text of this “Order” dated Novemeber 3, 2017 has been published on the “DNR” website, Euromaidanpress reports.

“Cereals and grains, as well as fruits growing on bushes, trees and vines that have been harvested without permission on state and municipal land plots are the property of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’.”

According to the “Order”, legal entities and individuals – i.e. entrepreneurs and private citizens – are not allowed to dispose of any crops harvested through “unauthorized use of land plots”.

The “document” of the so-called “DNR Ministry of Fees and Revenues” entitles local authorities to enforce “free access to warehouses and fields”, and allows them to immediately confiscate all the local crops.

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