Wednesday, November 8 2017 21:17 EET
Ukraine suspended foreign economic activities with 18 Russian sanctioned companies: details
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Ukraine's Economic Development and Trade Ministry has introduced sanctions against 18 Russian companies. The sanctions will take effect on December 9, 2017.

Resolutions Nos. 1582 (seven companies) and 1583 (11 companies) were issued by the ministry on October 30, 2017. The resolutions envisage the temporary suspension of foreign economic activities on the territory of Ukraine for steps that could damage the interests of national economic security.

The following companies were sanctioned: Poly-Pack-Export, Snack-Group, Belgorod cold store complex, Donspetsstroy Trade House, Yuzhtrans, Mikas, Stroyservis, Volma-marketing, Volma-VTR, Penetron-Russia Trade House LLC, CJSC Penetron-Russia Group, Penetron-export LLC, Penetron hydraulic insulating material plant, Aromadon Trade House, Starfood-Yug Trade House, MK-Metiz, Narodny Plastic and individual businessman Miroshnikova Irina Vladimirovna.

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