Monday, November 6 2017 19:21 EET
Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade and Canada are starting multinational military exercises “Maple Arch 2017”
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On 5 November the multinational “Maple Arch 2017” military exercises began in Poland.

Ukrainian soldiers are participating in the drills with Poland, Lithuania and Canada. An opening ceremony was held on the parade square at Land Forces Training Area Dęba, Poland.

Approximately 460 soldiers  will take part in the maneuvers. In the exercises which will last until 16 November, Ukraine will be represented by the 80th and 95th Airmobile Brigades, Dialog.UA reports.

“Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 will prepare the Polish 5th Podhale Rifleman Battalion, Ukrainian 1st Battalion of 80th Airborne Assault Brigade, and Lithuanian Great Duchess Battalion Headquarters, under the leadership of the Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade, in planning and execution of Peace Enforcement Operations with tasks ranging from monitoring of the situation to deliberate defence and offence actions in a multinational context. I wish all participants a successful exercise”,- Polish Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander said.

“Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 enables participating nations to continue building and maintaining effective working relationships with friends and allies to better prepare for the complex global security environment in which we operate. We expect the staff officers from three participating armies - with the assistance of Canadian mentors - to reveal their creative and distinct approaches in addressing challenges they will face through a realistic exercise scenario”, - Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov Co-Exercise Director (Ukraine).

“Planning Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 in accordance with NATO standards has been incredibly rewarding over the past several months. Lithuania has worked side-by-side Poland, Ukrainian and Canadian armed forces and we have learned mutually from one another. Having the opportunity to experience numerous cultural perspectives to problem-solving and decision making is the biggest benefit derived from a multinational training event”, - Colonel Eligijus Senulis, Chief of Staff, LITHPOLUKRBRIG (Lithuanian).

“Canada has been proudly participating in Exercise MAPLE ARCH since 1999 in a training and mentorship role. This event affords our members with a valuable collective training opportunity in an international context promoting cooperation and reinforcing strong bilateral defence relations contributing to our collective success”, - Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Hale, Canadian Contingent Commander.

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