Tuesday, October 31 2017 09:35 EET
Militants shell living blocks of Vodiane with 120-mm mortars
Militants, Living, Blocks, Vodiane, Mortars

Today in the Donbas conflict zone yet again hasn’t been peaceful, according to the Ukrainian Army HQ onFacebook. Fortunately, no casualties among the Ukrainian soldiers occurred.

In Donetsk sector, the Russia-backed mercenaries used grenade launchers and heavy machine guns to attack the Ukrainian soldiers near Avdiivka and Troitske.

In Mariupol sector, the same arms were used near Maryinka and Vodiane. At around 1 pm, the terrorists yet again demonstrated their disregard for the safety of civilians, the peace agreements, and the norms of international humanitarian law, having shelled the living blocks of Vodiane with Minsk agreements-banned 120 mm mortars. There are no Ukrainian soldiers in that area.

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