Thursday, October 26 2017 08:55 MSK
We are Waiting for the Grand Opening of SL Casino Riga in Latvia

The capital of Latvia and can’t wait anymore for the majestic event in the city, which is going to happen already in October. A new luxurious casino that belongs to Shangri La network is going to be established in the city!

As all other venues of the Storm International Group of Companies, SL Casino Riga is ready to offer the exclusive level of services, luxury and posh. This place was created for the most demanding and famous people from all over the world.

A new casino in Riga will follow the strictest corporate standards of the chain, introducing new features at the very same time. Storm International decided to make a new casino a partner of Riga Gaming Congress. The owners of the casino strive to offer all the features, which became popular and are demanded by the people in the Baltics.

There’s a separate network of slot halls developing all around Germany. This is a pure paradise for the lovers of fortune games who are ready to spend their money and time in slot machines. These halls offer the most popular and the newest one-armed bandits from all over the world. Every evening various shows and performances are carried out here, attracting a lot of guests. The atmosphere of celebration never leaves these venues!

The holding owns a huge number of casinos under the brand of Shangri La, which can be found in many countries of CIS and Germany. The company is working in the field of games of fortune for more than 25 years, and it managed to get the trust of customers and ultimately high reputation. All gambling houses are popular with their decency and the highest level of services. Casinos of the chain received a lot of prestigious awards. For instance, the casino in Georgia received the Golden Brand award just last year. New Casino in Riga wants to be the best casino in Latvia, and the owners are ready to do whatever it takes to reach their goal.

One can find natural rocks, the most expensive sorts of wood, designer furniture, astonishing carpets, giant mirrors, various objects of the art and numerous triffles. All the places under the brand follow the unique style that offers a lot of luxury and presentableness.

SL Casino Riga will be established in a 5-star hotel

The location of the new casino right in the center of Latvia is also unique. The gambling house will be based in a new luxurious hotel. SL Casino Riga opening will be carried out in the form of a hot party, and it’s open for anyone. The hotel has opened its doors in September, while in just a month the casino will celebrate the grand opening day.

All interiors are decorated with smooth pastel shades, while dimmed lights and patient music create the unique atmosphere of the hotel. A new casino in Latvia follows the main rules of all other venues of the chain: luxurious furnishing, marble floors, designer furniture and exclusive decorative elements.

Design of the hotel was created by a famous designer from the UK and his studio. This duo is always working with the most luxurious hotels in Europe. The style of the hotel resembles the style of the casino, creating a great mix of classic and modern things. Each premise and each room offer warm colors and the posh ambiance.

Both the casino and the hotel can be found right in the city center. Guests can relax and gamble, going on excursions and getting familiar with local attractions. The airport can be reached in less than a couple of dozen minutes.

Cozy casino with exclusive atmosphere—SL Casino in Riga

The gambling house occupies two levels of the resort. The first level is great to drink while playing the best slots from all over the world. There’s wide choice of one-armed bandits, so everyone will find something interesting and satisfying.

Go upstairs to the second floor and get into the VIP-room with a lot of card and roulette tables. Shangri La Х.О.—is a unique place for the celebrities who prefer full privacy and total decency. Shangri La network became incredibly popular among the most rich people and starts. It’s not a surprise because casinos offer the perfect level of services and respectability VIP-people are also able to benefit from the lucrative loyalty program.

Don’t miss the most important even of October! The real fans of both classic gambling and modern slots will find a lot of things to do here. All the information about the party can be found at SL Casino in Riga is waiting exclusively for you!

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