Wednesday, October 25 2017 23:20 EEST
Former MP, official of Energoatom suspected of Embezzling $7.5 million
Former MP, Official, Energoatom,  Suspected, Embezzling $7.5 million

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has informed former MP Mykola Martynenko and his accomplice, an official from Energoatom, about suspicion of embezzling $7.5 million from the state budget, according to the NABU post on Facebook.

According to the investigation, the former head of the Ukrainian Parliament Committee on fuel and energy has conspired with three people (the aforementioned official and two more accomplices) to work out a corruption scheme which caused Energoatom a $7.5 million loss.

According to the NABU, in 2008-2012, the group created a number of tenders, in which the Czech company Škoda JS (de-facto owned by a Russian company) won. Their prices were inflated by $7.5 million, by as much as 20% in certain cases.

After that, Škoda JS transferred $7.5 million to BRADCREST INVESTMENT SA, the only beneficiary of which is Martynenko.

The investigation continues, and the officers are trying to locate the other suspects.

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