Monday, October 23 2017 23:23 EEST
Football: Dynamo Kyiv vs Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0
Football, Dynamo,  Kyiv vs,  Shakhtar, Donetsk 0-0

Dynamo Kyiv hosted Shakhtar Donetsk on Sunday night; the key fixture in the Round 13 of Ukraine’s Premier League took place at NSC Olimpiysky stadium.

The Mountaineers took initiative and kept the ball for the most of the game. The home team heavily relied on counterattacks and long passes, while Shakhtar was pressing the opponent against his own goals. Although the audience observed a decent pace and a lot of struggle on the pitch, there were almost no good moments; Shakhtar managed to go for several nice breakthroughs over the opponent’s flanks, but Dynamo’s goalkeeper Koval never had any trouble. Eventually, none of the rivals managed to score.

Shakhtar preserved their handicap over Dynamo, which is currently seven points; Shakhtar comes first with 32 points, and Dynamo follows with 25.

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