Wednesday, October 18 2017 22:39 MSK
Clashes between police and protesters occurred as the latter looted equipment, - Police
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Today a clash between the protesters under the Ukrainian Parliament and the law enforcers occurred. Some of the protesters looted the special equipment belonging to the National Guard yesterday, including 80 shields, as head of National Police in Kyiv Andriy Kryshchenko told 112.UA.

Kryshchenko said the police used force to return the looted equipment as numerous orders to return it had been ignored by the protesters. A criminal case has been opened on the incident.

The individuals who had shields and resisted were detained.

As it was reported earlier, protests near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are underway since yesterday when former Odesa region governor Mikheil Saakashvili gathered his allies together with a number of oppositional politicians. There were minor clashes and injuries yesterday. The activists stand for the so-called “big political reform”.

Have a look at the timeline of the protests here.

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