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PACE incapable of taking balanced position, - Ukraine's Education Ministry
PACE,  Incapable, Taking,  Balanced,  Position, Ukraine's,  Education,  Ministry

Having passed the resolution about the Ukrainian law on education on October 12, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe showed it is incapable of taking a balanced position; the arguments of the Ukrainian delegation regarding the resolution were not taken into account. Anna Novosad, Chief of International Cooperation Department of Ukraine’s Education and Science Ministry said that in the exclusive commentary to 112 Ukraine TV channel.

‘This ministry’s point is as follows: PACE concerns might, in return, cause our concerns, since the Council of Europe showed it is incapable of taking the well-balanced positions, which would take into account arguments of the Ukrainian side. The resolution passed by the PACE only reflects positions of Hungary and Romania. Ukraine’s arguments were not included,’ Novosad said.

‘As of yesterday (October 11, - 112 International), we considered one draft resolution, presented by Estonian rapporteur Andres Herkel. However, today they (on October 12, - 112 International) voted for quite different text, which did not contain the provisions regarding implementation of the law,’ she added.

According to Novosad, Ukraine hopes that the Venice Commission, unlike PACE, will come to an independent expert conclusion – by late 2017 or early 2018.

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