Thursday, October 12 2017 12:22 EEST
SBU prevents terror attack in Mariupol railway station
SBU, Prevents,  Terror,  Attack,  Mariupol, Railway, Station

Security Service of Ukraine prevented terror attacks in Mariupol, planned by “DNR” saboteurs in Mariupol. Two people detained. Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of the service’s press office, reported that during his briefing, broadcasted by the 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

According to him, the attackers were planning to explode a railway station in Mariupol in front of the train Mariupol – Kyiv. Thus the victims would be the passengers.

“This time we managed to prevent a number of terror attacks. The first of them would be a terror act on a railway station in Mariupol, it was planned against the passengers of the train Mariupol – Kyiv. The end date wa to be determined by a person, organizing a terror attack,” Hrytsak reported.

The organizer of the subversive group in a member of illegal armed group Zabutsky, known to the SBU since 2014. “He fought on the side of “DNR” and later he fought in Debaltseve in February 2015. He was chosen as one of those from the Wagner Group of the “Ministry for State Security of the DNR”

Tow antipersonnel landmines with remote actuator were confiscated from the detainees. The later gave their testimony already.

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