Tuesday, October 10 2017 00:17 EEST
Putin allows foreigners in Russian Armed Forces to take part in anti-terrorist operations abroad
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​President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree that allows the foreigners who serve in the Armed Forces of Russia to take part in the peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations abroad. The decree is stated at the official web-portal of the legal information.

‘The militaries who are the foreign citizens take part in the combat actions, fulfill the tasks under the conditions of state of emergency or martial law, armed conflict and take part in acts of maintenance or restoration of the international peace and security and restraint of the terrorist activity outside the territory of Russia’, the document said.

Earlier, the regulation on the order of military service stated that the foreigners can only ‘fulfill the tasks under the conditions of martial law, armed conflict in accordance with the recognized principles and norms of the international law’.

The signed decree also states that the draftee can make a contract for one more year not earlier than in a month before the expiration of service. The issue is about the soldiers at the military conscription who want to enlist during the state of emergency or to take part in the peacekeeping or anti-terrorist operations out of Russia or to take part in the ships campaigns.

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