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President: In the last 2 years, only AFU servicemen got 2500 apartments
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In the course of the working trip to Chernihiv region, President Petro Poroshenko handed certificates and keys from apartments to the servicemen of the State Special Transport Service – ATO participants and members of their families. The new residential building is designed for 32 apartments.

The Head of State noted that today he carries out an extremely pleasant state mission - presents keys to the future home to the servicemen of the State Special Transport Service.

Petr Poroshenko emphasized that it was a symbol of the state’s attitude to not only the security and defense sector, as it is called in aloof budget documents. He noted that in war conditions, over 5% of GDP is spent for the security and defense sector.

The Head of State stressed that one of the best AFU in Europe in terms of equipment, armament and training quality had been created in Ukraine over the past three years. “We have demonstrated that during the Russian aggression against free, independent and democratic Ukraine in Donbas,” the President said.

“But we should think not only about tanks, aircrafts and weapons. A warrior must be well fed, dressed and trained. Of course, we must do everything to improve housing conditions of our warriors as well,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

“The state started a systemic work on the improvement of housing conditions of the Ukrainian servicemen. Over the past 2 years, only AFU servicemen got more than 2500 apartments. Those who serve in the National Guard, the Security Service and the Border Service also got more than 2000 apartments,” the President said.

“The families of the servicemen of the State Special Transport Service really deserve a home and its warriors conscientiously perform tasks both at points of permanent disposition and in the ATO area,” the Head of State noted.

However, the President believes the pace of building must be higher.

The President said: "A happy and well-off family is an additional incentive for a soldier, for an exemplary military service". According to him, to date more than 2 thousand warriors-railwaymen have gone through the furnace of war. With their efforts, transport connections and pontoon-bridge crossings were restored; engineer units found and disposed of more than 5 thousand explosives on the objects of the transport system. In addition, the forces and means of the State Special Transport Service were actively involved in the tasks of providing engineering equipment for the defense line of the Ukrainian troops in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. "Today, servicemen carry out major repairs of bridges in Rubizhne and Troitske. They defend objects of state importance, clear up the mines on important transport routes," the Head of State added. According to him, out of 32 newcomers who receive apartments in this building, 24 are soldiers of the ATO, participants in the fighting.

The President noted that the servicemen of the State Special Transport Service demonstrate patriotism, courage and selfless commitment to military duty. "One who devoted his life to protecting the Homeland, of course, must have decent social conditions. I would like to express gratitude to the families of soldiers who provide a reliable rear and high fighting spirit of our soldiers. Low bow to you," Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

He wished those who today receive housing and those who will receive it soon love, peace and harmony. "Peaceful sky is very important for us. Cozy home, prosperity on the native Ukrainian land, freedom, liberation of our land from the Russian invaders and love in the family," the President said.

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