Wednesday, October 4 2017 23:34 EEST
President: A separate Anti-Corruption Court must be created in Ukraine
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A separate judicial anti-corruption vertical line should be created in Ukraine as part of a separate Anti-Corruption Court, cassation instance - the anti-corruption chamber in the Supreme Court of Ukraine and representatives of the anti-corruption court on the ground. It was stated by the President in the meeting with the staff of Taras Shevchenko National University “Chernihiv Collegium”.

“The Law "On the Judiciary and Status of Judges", which was also adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, became the basis for the start of the judicial reform. I want to remind that this was also my project, made as urgent. And I wrote with my own hands the regulation on the creation of the anti-corruption court to the draft law. And, by the way, funds for financing the anti-corruption court in the draft budget for 2018 have already been foreseen. Believe me, it is not accidental," the President said.

The Head of State stressed: "We really need to ensure that all courts in Ukraine are anti-corruption. All without exception. To do this, we are making a reform".

“But a separate judicial anti-corruption vertical line must be created in the composition of a separate Anti-Corruption Court, cassation instance - the anti-corruption chamber in the Supreme Court of Ukraine and, as the Verkhovna Rada will determine, departments of the anti-corruption court on the ground, so that people from Sievierodonetsk or Zakarpattia won’t have to go to a single anti-corruption institution,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

According to him, several draft laws have already been elaborated even though they are not flawless and in a certain way PR-projects of certain political forces, because the key words are “anti-corruption court”. “Of course, everyone welcomes that. But the devil is in the detail. And that is why, it is extremely important to collect votes in the Parliament,” he said adding that the already elaborated draft laws failed to find support.

Petro Poroshenko urged the Parliament to work over the concerted draft law. “I would like to address the Parliament with a proposal to create a working group immediately and elaborate a concerted draft law that will be supported by the whole Verkhovna Rada. This is the only possible way,” he stressed.

At the same time, Petro Poroshenko doesn’t want this issue to be used as a subject of political PR or political speculation. “The question is to create a truly effective and independent judicial body that will specialize in combating corruption and help accelerate the disposal of legal proceedings against corrupt officials," he said.

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