Monday, October 2 2017 22:41 EEST
Lithuania stops broadcasting of Russian TV Channel due to incitement to war
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The ban for the re-broadcasting of the Russian TV Channel TVCi came into force on October 2 in Lithuania. The reasons for the ban are the incitement to war and rousing hatred as Delfi reported.

The Lithuanian Committee on TV and radio broadcasting made a decision to stop the rebroadcasting two weeks ago stating that the violations are repeated at this TV Channel and the imposed sanctions did not give the results.

Vilnius District Administrative Court approved this decision.

‘The comments made by Russia parliamentarian Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the program ‘Right to know’ on June 10 drew an attention of the Committee. According to the Committee, these comments incited to war, stirred up hatred and intolerance between the nations. Zhirinovsky spoke on the occupation of Ukraine and Transnistria’, the message said.

The representatives of the TV Channel sent the written explanations and took part in the session of the committee and did not admit the violation.

Lithuania started to limit the broadcasting of the Russian TV Channels since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea and began to support the separatists in the East of Ukraine. The rebroadcasting of TVCi was stopped for a month in April when one of the programs represented the calumnious information.

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