Wednesday, September 20 2017 22:26 EEST
Poroshenko shows proof of Russian military presence in Donbas during UN Security Council meeting
Poroshenko, Russian, Military,  Presence, Donbas, During, UN,  Security,  Council,  Meeting

The Russia’s mantra that "we are not there" does not hold water (on Russian military presence in Donbas), according to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko’s address during the UN Security Council meeting, broadcasted by 112.UA Channel.

“There are undeniable facts that Russia creates, leads, controls and sponsors terrorists operating in Donbas. This is another evidence - these are IDs of Russian officers and soldiers, some of them are in Ukrainian prisons, for their illegal actions on the occupation of Ukrainian land,” the President of Ukraine said and showed passports of Russian soldiers, who thought in Donbas and were captured.

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