Wednesday, September 20 2017 01:32 EEST
European Council criticizes xenophobia in Ukraine
European,  Council, Criticizes,  Xenophobia, Ukraine

The European Council spotted the fast growth of hate and discrimination against Roma, homeless, displaced persons, foreign students and LGBT-communities on the back of the Donbas Conflict that lasts for three years. It was stated at the report of the European Council on Ukraine.

'It appears that the conflict had the negative influence on the socially vulnerable groups of people at large. The reports show the expansion of the racist language of hate and discriminatory statements in the statements in the public discussion (including the politicians) aiming against Roma, seek refuge and refugees, internally displaced persons, foreign students and LGBT-personalities', the message said.

At the same time it was noted that there was no cases of insult of Russians by the Ukrainians in Kyiv. According to the one of the reports, the ethnical Russians and Ukrainians offer claim that they have good relations. According to the specialists, the armed conflict strengthened the religious intolerance and tension between the churches that obeyed Kyiv and Moscow.

Moreover, the European Council offered to accept new legal positions on the fight against discriminations, investigation of the crimes due to hate, integration of Roma and solidarity with internally displaced persons.

'I hope that the governance will take into account the recommendations from the report. The European Council will go on to cooperate with the Ukrainian authorities in the sphere of the fight against hate, minorities' discrimination and assistance to the tolerance and mutual understanding, particularly on the worked out Actions Plan for Ukraine for 2018-2021', Secretary General of the European Council Thorbjorn Jagland.

The men in the military uniform beat the group of Roma in Kyiv in May 2017. The malefactors demanded the documents, rifled and took over the money.

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