Friday, September 15 2017 23:47 EEST
Crimean Prosecution to start criminal proceedings on occupant officials torturing Ukrainian citizen
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Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has started criminal proceedings based on occupant officials torturing Crimean Tatar Renat Paralamov, according to their Facebook page.

“Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, according to the request of the Minister of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Ukraine, added the information on occupant officials committing a number of abusive crimes against citizen of Ukraine Renat Paralamov to a Single Register of Pre-trial Investigations,” the statement says.

The criminal proceeding have been opened based on Article 127 (Torture), 146 (Illegal confinement or abduction of a person), 162 (Violation of security of residence), and 373 (Compelling to testify) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

As it was reported earlier, the house of Crimean Tatar Renat Paralamov had been searched, and masked individuals without credentials took him away in an unknown direction. Later on lawyer Emil Kuberdinov said Paralamov was violently tortured and was in serious condition.

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